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Josef Erlacher
  • Begeisterung Unternehmer - Vom Blindflug zur Zielrakete

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Josef Erlacher is an entrepreneur, has been running his consulting company for over 30 years and is a lecturer at several business schools. He primarily advises entrepreneur-led companies and derives his valuable input from his wide-ranging experience in all areas of corporate management and his coaching experience with entrepreneurs. He expanded his wealth of experience with his sporting career as a four-time participant and medal winner at the Paralympics as a downhill skier. For several years now, he has been inspiring audiences with his impressive keynotes using the 10-finger model described in his book.

It is about the cognitive path his vision is 1/10, which was enough for him to take part in the Winter Paralympics and win medals in the men's downhill. Mastering steep slopes at up to 120kmh with 1/10 vision is what inspires him.

From this special sport and his more than 30 years of experience as a management consultant, lecturer and speaker, he has developed a memorable and efficient model for success. His hand map to success is the guide that accompanies every entrepreneur on the road to success. Take your project, the matter close to your heart, into your own hands and complete your success. 


Why should you book me as a speaker?

I love to inspire people! To take people on a journey with a story to show them what is possible. Inspiring audiences to tackle and realize their own dreams, wishes and goals is the mission. That's my WHY, that's my purpose that sustains me and from which I draw my energy.

How do I succeed?

It is the mixture of inspiring emotions from real-life stories and rational and precisely crafted instruments that make it possible. The audience experience how they can achieve their goals. They receive clear orientation and are inspired to follow their path.

What is the content?

The content of my speeches is an unusual life story that shows how supposed boundaries can be crossed. The provision of a toolbox that convinces with simplicity and efficient applicability from over 1,000 projects and inspires implementation.

Choose from my topics, or tell me your preferred topic.


The 10-finger model

  • How to get the best out of your company. I'll show you how to get your company on the home straight and make it fit for challenges.

From flying blind to the target rocket

  • How do I react quickly and efficiently in a market that is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic? How do I successfully get into action and react quickly and with a cool head? What qualities does an entrepreneur need to lead his business successfully into the future?

Three Cs: Compensation, concentration, construction

  • The circumstances don't matter - only your answer counts.

A culture of trial and error instead of error culture

  • Why innovation can only come about through courage and enthusiasm.

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What I appreciate about Josef Erlacher is his competence, his focus on concrete statements that help me in my decision-making and give me a good orientation, so that today we know exactly what we need for success.
Thomas Rottensteiner  
Owner Rottensteiner GmbH


Great experiences with Josef Erlacher and his company IFK Consulting. We appreciate his loyalty and commitment to our company. 
Valentin Wenter  
Managing director and co-owner of MetallRitten GmbH


Our consultant for 25 years.
Helmuth Leitner 
Managing director and owner of AlpHouse  



Rai Südtirol, Dolomiten, ff, Südtirol 1, rheinmain tv,


3rd place in the men's downhill Paralympics Innsbruck 1988
3rd place men's downhill Paralympics Lillehammer 1994
2nd place Ski World Championships Super G Anzere 2000



Der Erfolg liegt in deiner Hand

ISBN : 978399060-332-1

22.00 €



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