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Dr. med. Kirsten Deutschländer
Entrepreneur Dr. med. Kirsten Deutschländer
  • Wasser ist die Basis unserer Gesundheit“ – Dr. med. Kirsten Deutschländer zu ihren Forschungen

  • Dr. med. Kirsten Deutschländer: Quantenmedizin und Wasser

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Dr. Kirsten Deutschländer, MD, is an expert in holistic health, water and prevention. She worked for 10 years as a self-employed specialist in general medicine and psychotherapist, 16 years as head physician of a rehabilitation and prevention clinic and was able to carry out clinical water studies as part of company health management. She has been researching the healing power of water for over 10 years. She studied and completed her doctorate at the LMU Munich and is a founding member and board member of the independent, interdisciplinary research association Quellen des Lebens e.V. As a water expert and speaker, she has presented her research findings at various scientific water symposia, e.g. Prof. Dr. Gerald Pollack's International Water Conference and medical training events. Her credo is: good water quality and a perfect water supply are the absolute basis for our performance and health. Paying attention to what water you drink is more important than ever these days. It not only strengthens physical fitness, good water clears the mind, is part of consciousness, releases fears and blockages and has an antidepressant effect! In lectures, workshops and seminars, she provides her participants with scientifically sound knowledge for a healthier life with healthier water.


Water, the elixir of life - modern detox strategies for everyday life

  • How healthy is our drinking water really?
  • Is detox just a fashionable term or a necessity?
  • Which water and diet best support detoxification
  • Improving water quality with simple means
  • What do water filters and water treatment plants do?

New thinking in medicine - counteracting stress-related damage and silent inflammation with good water quality

  • Stress leads to dehydration - dehydration causes stress - ways out of the vicious circle
    vicious circle, because regeneration and healing only take place in relaxation mode
  • Inner serenity through positive focus and conscious decision making
  • The imagery of water - the 4th phase of water
  • Coherence the key to health, heart coherence the daily anti-ageing

Water deficiency, the underestimated widespread disease - more health with hydropower

  • How to make the most of the healing power of water
  • Perfect hydration in 7 days
  • Fascia yoga for deep hydration
  • Eat water - drink water
  • More clarity, motivation and health through hydropower

Training to become a WaterCoach© (possibly as an online offer)

  • Deep insights into the world of water
  • The "structure-building power" of water - the 4th phase of water
  • What you as a therapist/coach should know about the healing power of water
  • How to double the success of your therapy
  • Water, the "solvent" for many illnesses
  • Water, information storage medium and energy supplier
  • Water, salt and minerals
  • Measuring the effect of water (HRV measurement, vital blood analysis in the dark field microscope)
  • Coherence medicine - rethinking health and medicine

Healthy water, healthy life - more vital energy with Hydropower

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ISBN : 978-3942166836

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Der Quanten-Mediziner

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