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Raho J. Bornhorst
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Raho J. Bornhorst has been one of the shapers of the German-speaking world of success for three decades. He studied psychology and business and set up his success publishing house in 1990. As a sales trainer, success coach and publisher, he often worked with world bestseller Brian Tracy on some of the largest German sales organizations. Raho attended 100+ training courses for personal development and self-awareness until he took a sabbatical in 2003. He then went abroad for 7 years to become a spiritual teacher. Back in Germany since 2010, he has been teaching strong, natural self-awareness and professional conversation skills for the self-employed and executives with "Inner-Chi-Coaching", so that you can sell high-priced services confidently and easily. As a mentor for entrepreneurs and speaker for self-confidence and inner security, Raho J. Bornhorst effortlessly and entertainingly conveys even complex insights as simply as the realization that anyone could learn to ride a bicycle or earn more money if they willingly learn what it takes. Clients experience him as a master of communication and enthusiasm for a completely free, healthy self-awareness, true to his guiding principle "Conversations Change Everything".



"Conversations change everything" - Communication for sales professionals

  • The way to the next level! Why self-awareness is the fastest way to build trust
  • Exciting conversations! Which 3 questions give you real inner security
  • New contacts at all times! Why you always get the right contacts with the energy set
  • The ABC questions and 5-step method! How to close the deal without objections
  • Absolute self-confidence? Why confidence also guarantees joy

"Conversations change everything" - leadership communication  

  • Communication for leaders: How to achieve high performance in your team with the ABC method
  • Determination for leaders: How to always find the right words
  • Reality check for leaders: empathy, facts and results orientation


"Conversations change everything" - a confident business mindset

  • Clarifying the status quo: You need to know where you really stand! 
  • Goal clarity: Determine the essential next step to success!
  • Dealing with obstacles: There is only ONE crucial challenge!
  • Changing self-talk: Profound insights for your breakthrough!

References & Press

Excerpt of company references:
Ascent, AVON, AWD, BMW, CHANEL, DKV, ForeverLiving, LifePlus, Lufthansa, Swiss, VW, and many more.

"The great enthusiasm stems... certainly not only from the absolutely comprehensible technical content, but especially from the wonderful energy of lightness, the joy of life and authenticity." Michael Holz


"Not a day goes by that I don't think about this course. Everyone leaves the course in a brighter light. Thank you so much!"

Sandra Schmid


"I am suddenly totally confident in dealing with other people I realize how much clarity comes into my life and what the reactions of my fellow human beings are like." Rebecca Bernshausen

Charles Nagel, DVAG


Fares Charouhr, FI Finanz




Küss den Frosch!

ISBN : 978-3-89901-754-0



ISBN : B0156XO02Y

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