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Silvia B. Pitz

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Silvia B. Pitz is one of the most recognized experts when it comes to professional appearance.

She has gained her extensive experience over the past 25 years as a coach for executive management, trainer for leadership communication and as a presenter on stage and on TV. As a sought-after speaker, Silvia B. Pitz is active throughout Europe for well-known companies and international corporations. She gets to the heart of information and creates the right emotion. By combining stage experience and psychological knowledge, she knows how to pick people up, awaken their potential and express it effectively. Silvia B. Pitz has completed numerous further training courses - including certified Systemic Coach, NLP Practitioner, INSIGHTS, MDI Master and Scrum Master. In her assignments at companies, Silvia B. Pitz inspires her participants with her lively and humorous presentations, coupled with sound psychological background knowledge. She regularly publishes news and trends relating to effective presentations in her own podcast "Professional Appearance".


Presenting with impact - confident & charismatic

  • Attract attention and persuade in a captivating way.
  • Create relevance and present content effectively.
  • Design a professional video presentation

Clear communication strengthens effective leadership skills

  • Designing goal-oriented dialogs: Reach your goal with the right tactics
  • Mastering conflict discussions: resolving difficult situations with clarity and appreciation
  • Conduct feedback discussions confidently: 4 steps to greater motivation and employee loyalty

Leadership 4.0 - innovative leadership ideas

  • "No pain, no gain!" Why the flow state is the secret to high performance 
  • "The power of generations!" How to manage the knowledge and experience of young and old





References & Press

"...the feedback of a professional coach directly after the presentation is efficient and helpful, Ms. Pitz has brought the most important optimization ideas clearly and comprehensibly (through the video recording) to the point..." 
Ingo Wichelhaus
WestLB AG Insurance Solutions



"I have not seen such a convincing video for a long time. Thank you very much for the great course, dear Ms. Pitz" (related to LinkedIn Learning Tutorial)

Dr. Eva Tsigkana

Data Scientist Ippen Data GmbH


"Thank you very much! That was the best presentation seminar I have ever attended."

Dr. med. Barbara Hochstrasser, Senior Physician, Private Clinic Meiringen, Switzerland

"After conducting feedback interviews with all participants who attended your seminars on "Communication"," Leadership" and "Personal Development", I have rarely heard such a high number of implementation points as after your seminars. Many topics have already been implemented on the days following the seminars and, as I can see at this point in time, also very sustainably. The topics/objectives were not applied once, but are implemented by the managers in the long term."
Katja Roshanian,

Personnel Development Media Markt


"Our cooperation was characterized by openness, high professionalism and trust."
M. Kremer,

Market Director Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse Potsdam


2022 Top 10 course in German-speaking countries, LinkedIn Learning:


Professionell Auftreten

Podcast „Professionell Auftreten“ | Pitz Coaching Führungskräfte-Coaching Deutschland


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Expert Marketplace - Silvia B. Pitz - Impressions 1
Expert Marketplace - Silvia B. Pitz - Impressions 2
Expert Marketplace - Silvia B. Pitz - Impressions 3
Expert Marketplace - Silvia B. Pitz - Impressions 4

Presentation types

  • Business talk

  • Interview

  • Hosting

  • Workshop

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Specialized lecture

  • Practical relevance

Required equipment

Presentation Case
Presentation Case
Speaker's desk
Speaker's desk