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Ulrike Hartmann
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Ulrike Hartmann is the expert for mindfulness and agility in business and has been the owner of senecca GmbH since 2009. As an experienced trainer, business coach and speaker for mindfulness in business, it is her passion to support managers and employees in business and administration and to develop their individual potential. Her work is based on a background in business administration and many years of management experience in the aerospace industry, combined with proven training and coaching methods as well as the latest scientific findings from positive psychology, neuroscience and modern, agile management methods. Her credo: The focus is always on people! Openness, deep mutual trust and respectful interaction with her participants form the foundation of every client relationship with Ulrike Hartmann. With her practical and inspiring approach, she has already helped numerous companies to transform and sustainably improve their work culture. She knows how to convey complex concepts in an easily understandable way and develop individual solutions that can be implemented directly in everyday working life. Companies benefit from her expertise by not only increasing the motivation and mental health of their employees, but also boosting their efficiency and innovative strength. Let Ulrike Hartmann inspire you and discover the transformative power of mindfulness and agility for your company!


"STRONG - STRONGER - RESILIENT: HAPPY BEFORE the end of the working day"

  • The power of appreciation - motivation through recognition and respect
  • Stress management through mindfulness - more FOCUS against multitasking, excessive demands & co.
  • Creative problem-solving skills - finding new and creative solutions with a mindshift
  • Positive leadership in agile teams - #POSITIVITY MATTERS

"Go Future: Mindfulness as the key to business success in the 21st century"

  • Agile mindset: working and living in the digital world
  • Finding new solutions and successfully managing the future with a mindshift
  • Responding to unforeseen challenges with mindfulness
  • Switch off the autopilot: Adopting alternative perspectives and changing contexts
  • Positive leadership as a pillar of the change process

"Boost innovation: increasing the ability to innovate with mindfulness"

  • How to access your creativity and intuition
  • How to recognize and overcome barriers to creativity with mindfulness practices
  • Creativity is not a myth or magic. Creativity can be learned!
  • "Get out of autopilot mode" - How to break out of ingrained thought patterns and routines and increase your problem-solving skills
  • Creating targeted space for creativity and problem-solving skills with the mindfulness principle


Further topics:

- Stress management through mindfulness: a path to greater serenity


- Digitalization - creativity is needed here

References & Press

Extract of company references:
adidas Group, AKS-Consult GmbH, AVG GmbH, Allgäu GmbH, AXA, Bayerischer Landtag, COSNA (Uganda), DB Schenker, Giesecke & Devrient, IHK, Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, 3M, Max Planck Institute, OSPHYSIO, Polizeipräsidium Mittelfranken, PRO CLIENT GmbH, Stadt Baden-Baden, Stadt Karlsruhe, Universität Rostock, VBK - Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe GmbH


"The presentation really inspired us all and was a great way to end our team day. The manner of her presentation methodology is very refreshing and engaging. The active participation of the participants was also very well received. Many thanks for the great impulses for "happier" work."
Heiko Ziegler, Head of the Infrastructure | Project Management department at AVG GmbH


"Mindfulness, concentration and a focused approach are becoming increasingly important. - Thank you very much for the refreshing presentation of intuitively applicable work techniques that allow us new perspectives and approaches in our daily working world!"
Dr. Alexander Königs, Head of Scintilla* ESB/MSG SCHENKER AG


"WOW!!! I am absolutely thrilled, Ms. Hartmann!
In terms of content, it fits so well with what we experience here and what makes up our daily interaction .... I could think of several experiences for each sentence ...."
Ilse Baier, Head of Human Resources Development, City of Karlsruhe


"I would like to thank you very much for the very professional and extremely committed training of my (practice) employees. The positive results are a great benefit in my daily dealings with patients."
Oliver Schmidtlein, owner of OSPHYSIO training & therapy


"The training helped me get back on track. I'm a student living in England. When I started the training I did not know where I was going or what I wanted to do with my life. I felt like I had no options, no routes to take me where I wanted to go. However, after the training I had come to realize that in fact they were always there, I just could not see them at that point in time. Ulrike helped me to remind where I was going, which expedition I was on, and taught me that I could always change the itinerary if I wanted to. A million thanks go to Ulrike Hartmann for helping me out." Xavier Huart, Student at the University of Portsmouth


"Ulrike Hartmann (senecca GmbH) taught us how to escape the stress trap with mindfulness and consciously accepting the moment "

 Stadtzeitung Karlsruhe


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