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Two pianists and one piano. Since you can't simply split this precious instrument in two, the two simply share the keyboard. What sounds like a fight over 88 keys is actually beautiful piano music for four hands, two great voices, lots of humor and maybe even a bit of acrobatics. The two artists have already traveled the world with their shows and are constantly setting new standards with their innovative performances.


Vinzenz Heinze

The pianist and singer from Erfurt has not only made a name for himself as a solo artist on the stages of Germany, but also enjoys an excellent reputation as an accompanist for well-known singers. He has performed on stage with Anja Kruse, Die Prinze, Mark Keller, Paul Reeves, Rea Garvey and The 12 Tenors. Vinzenz Heinze has lost his heart to the piano and lets his audience feel it with every keystroke, as passionately beautiful and impressive as an entire orchestra.

Tom Dewulf

Tom Dewulf is a multi-talented musician from Belgium. After completing his studies as a classical concert pianist in 2005, he began additional training as a musical performer. But when he played alongside Dirk Bach, Thomas Hermanns and Hape Kerkeling in the musical "Kein Pardon" in 2011, this changed his professional direction. 
It was here that Tom's comedic talent was discovered and he was allowed to take part in the Quatsch Comedy Club talent contest, where he made it to the final. Later, he also won the Erfurt Comedy Slam and the Kupferpfennig competition at the Lachmesse in Leipzig.


In their show Piano Night Fever, the Piano Buddies merge with the custom-built grand piano and play on, with and under it in a way they have never experienced before. With this production, the two artists Tom Dewulf and Vinzenz Heinze not only break down the boundaries between almost all styles of music, but also the dimensions of the piano.


  • 2x45 minutes concert "Piano Night Fever"
  • 1x20 minute show act "Best Of Piano Buddies"

References & Press


  • Kupferpfennig Competition, Leipzig
  • Comedy Slam, Erfurt
  • Artist of the Year, Goldenes Künstlermagazin
  • TOP100 Entertainer, Speakers Excellence


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