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Gunhard Keil, author, consultant and keynote speaker, is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert when it comes to digital change. He started his career as a 16-year-old with a private tutoring organisation. After founding further consultancies and a foray as an executive in the automotive industry working at the interface of department/IT, he followed the call to join the management of an IT company with 1,800 employees. After a successful turnaround, he founded the digitalisation company digitalsee GmbH with two partners. His clients include well-known SMEs as well as international corporations. In workshops, seminars and talks, he inspires his participants with his humorous way of communicating his knowledge of success. His ideas are pragmatic and can be implemented at once. Gunhard Keil gives you desire for change and courage to tackle new things.


Hello, Partner –
leadership in times of digital transformation

  • Hierarchy is dead – the new role of managers
  • The skills managers need to successfully master the digital transformation
  • How to use New Leadership to unleash previously unrecognised potential and exploit it for your firm‘s success.

Change 4.0 – Want to. Can do. Do it!

  • How to win people over to change with an effective communication
  • How to use resistance as a motor for new ideas and paths
  • How to select the right tools for your corporate culture to achieve your change goals

Next level negotiation – success in negotiations is a
matter for the boss

  • How to anchor value-enhancing negotiation tools in your company in the long term
  • How to develop, build and successfully apply a winning strategy
  • How to overcome mental negotiation barriers and achieve better results

Success has many faces; when you fail, they all look the

  • A humorous digression about systematic failure
  • The three most dangerous traps that will lure you towards failure
  • How to protect yourself from failure with the most important management tool
  • What you can do to stay successful as an entrepreneur



ABB, Austrian Airlines, AVL, Constantia Packaging, Constantia Flexibles, Iav GmbH, HDS consulting, Austrian Federal Railways, Lenzing AG, LeitnerLeitner, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Financial Services, WTS and many more

Client feedback:

“Mr Keil understands how change works; he and his team managed to align even my most demanding executives.” Kai Stefan Linnenkohl, Managing Director, IAV GmbH


“Negotiating strength – there's only one place to go. After Keil, things start moving! Dr. Hanno Bästlein, Executive Board, Supervisory Board, Entrepreneur


“Mr Keil has the knowledge and methodology of a consultant and the necessary pragmatism of an entrepreneur – an ideal combination!" Dr. Daniel Steinke, HDS international group


“If a project crossed the finish line in time, produced results and was fun, then I knew that Gunhard Keil had had a helping hand in it!” Dr. Veronika Zügel, CHRO ÖBB.”




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