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Amina Meineker is an international expert on leadership and change. As a graduate economist with over 25 years of management and leadership experience, she has taught for the "Harvard of Energy Medicine" for 10 years - on 4 continents and 1 planet. She develops the most effective methods to control the all-determining brain frequencies: for less stress, higher attention and more innovation. How successful you and your company can be depends on this. Amina Meineker inspires you with competence, passion and humor and offers you the general key to successful change, innovation and the ability to lead yourself and others across all industries. In her keynotes, trainings and coachings she shows you and your company the way to a golden future.


Success Frequencies: The way to the future

  • The secret of success: brain frequency control and the unity of
    thinking, feeling and acting.
  • What conditions leadership must create to enable innovation
    and why the culture of error is so important in this process.
  • How people repeatedly rise above themselves, invent the future
    and innovation becomes normal.

Leadership: The Power of (Self-) Leadership

  • Take an active role in shaping the biggest revolution in the job
  • Inspire others with your big goals, connect generations and
    unleash undreamed-of potential.
  • Create a corporate culture that makes you irresistible as an employer
    and ensures your long-term success in the market.


Change: Change made easy

  • Change - Mindset - Success: The prerequisites for successful
    change processes and the four phases of every change.
  • The secret of success of change: emotions and
  • Brainwaves and how we finally use our whole brain.
  • Pre-programmed success, potential development and innovation
    in everyday life: How to leave your competition behind.


Excerpt company references:

AXSOS AG, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bahn, KFP Five
Star Conference Service, SEB, Jeela Resorts, Habau GmbH, Solar Promotion,
Thüringer Land und Forstverwaltung, eine große deutsche
Gewerkschaft, Abbott, Gaia Trade Private Ltd., Escon GmbH, u.v.m.

„Amina Meineker is a stroke of luck for any company. The results
sometimes resemble small or even bigger miracles. After years of
working with her, I can recommend Lifepassion 100% and succinctly
add that anyone in charge of a company who doesn‘t choose it
is only themselves to blame.“ Oliver Seitz, Head of Marketing,
AXSOS AG, Stuttgart

„I am struck by the authenticity of this work. It is profound and also
completely practical. I would not hesitate to recommend LifePassion
to others.“ Kate Abramovitz, CEO Jeela Resort, Goa India

„Without the cooperation with Amina Meineker, our growth in
recent years would not have been possible..“ Jörg Schiffer, Managing
Partner, Habau GmbH, Aachen

Different voices on lectures:

„Amina Meineker is pure power! Profundity paired with humor - an
enjoyable combination!“

„Amina Meineker‘s keynote on leadership and change was simply
brilliant and colossal. I can only recommend her!“


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