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Andreas Buhr, entrepreneur, speaker and author, is the expert with regard to "more success in business". As a performer, he thrilled more than 500.000 people in his audiences. Andreas Buhr was the first European to receive the rare title of "˜Certified Speaking Professional, CSP"˜. From 2013 to 2015, he was the acting president of the German Speakers Association (GSA), the second to largest association for professional orators globally. In 2018, he was inducted into the GSA's Hall of Fame. Andreas Buhr has written and published 30 books and compendia in the last 13 years. His Buhr & Team Akademie, with their know-how and passion, is more than just a provider for trainings. With their circle of friends of the best trainers as well as innovative, multilevel development programs, Buhr & Team introduces their customers into the circle of more successful businesses. In a digitalized world, they accompany their projects with a profound understanding of customers, as well as sales and leadership trainings meeting the demand, to lead people and businesses to more success.


The customer is the new princess

  • Who actually is the new expert?
  • As the customer changes, sales changes as well – what does that mean for practice?
  • What is the value of social media for sales?

Letting the customer buy is the new way of selling

  • How are (buying) decisions made?
  • Which motives are relevant to today’s customer?

The right tools for your success in sales

  • How do I get my core competencies across?
  • How does sales work in times of digitalization?

Dealing with change and leading effectively

  • What part do role models and orientation play?
  • How to lead measurably with performance targets?

Why effective leadership works differently today and what is crucial to it

  • What is the significance of social media in recruiting?

Finding the right tools for your success in business

  • What methods are used for successful leadership today?
  • What to do specifically, to achieve better results?


January 1st 2006 go! Akademie für Führung und Vertrieb AG
January 1st 2008 go! LiveVerlag
June 2013 Change of name to Buhr & Team Akademie für Führung und Vertrieb AG

Number of employees: Akademie: 10, Trainerpool: 25
Industry: apprenticeship and in-service training
Field of activity: international, cross-industry


“With his pragmatic and gripping interval trainings as well as performances, Andreas Buhr has rendered a substantial part in the successful advancement of our employees.”
Simone Reif, Managing Director, StepStone Deutschland

“Andreas Buhr, the entrepreneur, speaker and author for sales, shows, what hybrid decision paths today mean and how you delight today’s customer.” manager magazin

“Ethical values give orientation for leadership behavior. Andreas Buhr summarizes these elemental values in ten principles here – a worthwhile breviary that anyone can work with.” (Führungsprinzipien, GABAL)
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Nowak, IST-Hochschule for Management

The customers of the Buhr & Team Akademie für Führung und
Vertrieb AG are businesses from the upper middle class up to global players, for instance (excerpt):
Allianz Deutschland AG, Ergo Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH, Berlin Chemie AG, Peek & Cloppenburg KG, TIGI Haircare GmbH, Tommy Hilfiger Group B.V., LOVOO GmbH, KPMG AG, Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH, UBS Switzerland AG, Hako GmbH, PTH Group


Expert Marketplace -  Andreas Buhr - Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership

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