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Andreas Dudas is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, business owner, inspiring mind and expert in global leadership and change. He acquired his know-how in top management positions at SMEs and major corporate groups in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. His expertise covers energy, infrastructure, transport, mechanical engineering and general engineering. He is the founder of the BE SHiRO Group, with companies in Switzerland and India, which focuses on the holistic development of global managers and assistance with challenging change processes. His foundation gives people all over the world the courage to forge their own oath, and supports start-ups. He thrills participants with his inspiring presentations and company-specific, solution-oriented workshops, conveying tried-and-tested expert knowledge with tried-and-tested know-how and concentrated drive: By a professional for professionals. Real. Exciting. Decisive impulses for the transformation in a new age.


Maximum aura 
  • How companies and people become an irresistible brand through an ancient principle.
  • 10 easy steps to maximum aura.
  • Why your true innovation potential is still untapped.

International breakthrough thanks to global fitness 
  • Achieving global intelligence with 7 easy questions and answers.
  • The key characteristics of global leaders in the 21st century.
  • How to mobilise maximum creativeness in international teams.

  • Why energy is the basis of any elite performance.
  • How to ensure your company consistently puts in top performances, even in adverse conditions, by applying 10 universal principles of success.
  • How to use the empowerment matrix to turn staff into real entrepreneurs, and trigger a real energy boost with purpose and respect.

The secrets of transformation 
  • The secret of a unique force which changes everything.
  • The power of awareness and quantum mechanics as the key to a new economy and sustainable business success.
  • Why business, quantum physics and spirituality go together.
  • Transforming major challenges through “transformational leadership”.


“Andreas Dudas exudes enthusiasm, and it’s infectious! A wealth of experience from many different projects he has successfully managed – with many seemingly insurmountable obstacles – worldwide. No dull theory, just pure practice! Anyone who experiences Andreas live will gain new insights into how to be an international leader today, and gear their business towards ‘global leadership’. Just great!” 
Reto Stuber, Founder of Stuber Media Group, New York
“A mastermind with ethical principles – his workshops truly reflect real-life practice. His experience clearly distinguishes him from many others who predominantly  base their teachings on theory they have studied. His understanding of people cannot be learned – it’s a special gift!” Helwig Überbacker, Head of Project Development, EVN Group, Vienna
“There’s a reason why you lose track of time during his presentations. Enthusiasm and skill – experience and empathy – traits very few people can successfully combine. A stirring speaker!” Prof. Anja Janoschka PhD, Lecturer & Director of Studies, Lucerne University
“Fascinating! Andreas’ charismatic way of speaking, and the quality of his slides don’t just make you listen; they are taking you to that very place where you use all your senses so as not to miss a single insight from him. Provoking, encouraging, motivating, being honest, modest, open… this is Andreas’ way of taking you on his boat telling you’re his personal story and convincing you to be authentic to yourself.” 
Irina Petkova, Director, PMI Switzerland, Geneva



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