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Persönlichkeit, Erfolg & Motivation
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Anni Friesinger was one of the most successful German athletes during her sporting career. 59 World Cup victories,
3 Olympic victories, 16 World Championship and 5 European Championship titles made the speed skater one of the most successful and well-known German winter sportswomen. Anni Friesinger was brand ambassador for various well-known companies such as Lancia, DextroEnergy, EON, Triumph, K2 and many more. In this context she was actively on the road as an ambassador and gave numerous lectures on "Motivation, Success and Health". She herself had to struggle with chronic asthma at an early age and so the following sentence quickly became her motto: "Health is the capital of every human being." In her lectures she inspires her audience with a firework of impulses when it comes to performance, motivation, health as well as dealing with defeat. She is a welcome guest in the media and has, among other things, commented on Winter Olympics and competitions as an expert and co-commentator for Dutch television, EuroSport and WELT. Anni Friesinger makes you want to perform.


No pain, no gain -
Exceptional performance doesn't happen in the comfort zone

  • How to recognize and channel your talents
  • How to create a fertile environment for growth
  • How you can systematically develop the desire to perform and outgrow yourself
  • How to deal with defeats constructively and grow from them
  • Once is not a time - How to remain a high performer for the long term

Gold, Silver, Bronze - The path to success!

  • Everything has a beginning
  • Talent is silver, diligence is gold
  • What you can learn from professional sports for business
  • How to deal with competitors and keep your cool
  • Behind every success is a successful team
  • How to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of success

Entrepreneurial career:
How to balance your career and your job

You can't do everything yourself - How to build a good network and benefit from it
What you can learn from the success virtues of top sports for your business and everyday life
What you can adapt from the international competition for your success
How to have a plan B ahead of time and be flexible to deal with any situation
Other topics:

Entrepreneurial career -
How to master the balancing act between family and career

Deceleration as a success factor - Strength lies in tranquility


Medal Mirror & Victories :

  • 3 x Olympic Champion (2002, 2006, 2010)
  • 16 x World Champion
  • 5 x European Champion
  • 59 x World Cup winner
  • 1 x Junior World Champion
  • 8 x overall World Cup winner
  • 14 x world record

Awards :

  • Ice Oscar
  • Silver Laurel Leaf
  • Sport Personality Award
  • BRAVO Otto
  • Multiple speed skater of the year
  • 4 x 2nd Sportsman of the Year Germany
  • Sportswoman of the year in Bavaria
  • Chiemgau Panther
  • Bavarian Sports Award
  • Bavarian Honorary Award of the Minister President
  • Bavarian state medal for services to health
  • Bavarian Order of Merit
  • Junior Sportswoman of the Year of the German Sports Aid Foundation


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