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Antony Fedrigotti, Keynote Speaker and Motivational Trainer of the Year 2003, has been dedicated to the psychology of success for almost 30 years now. He has written four books on this subject and published the online personality training "ONLY TODAY". His central theme is thought management with the PGH ® method he developed. The PGH® method, the positive basic attitude, is the basis for everything in life. In private as well as in business, success depends on the attitude, i.e. the basic mindset. If you want to develop your potential, you have to review and realign your belief system. Because: thoughts create habits, habits create results.
Since 2011, "ONLY TODAY", the training to create more happiness and success, is online. This online personality training fits perfectly into today's time, suitable for every employee and every manager! Everyday, small and daily units of 3-4 minutes build the personality in addition to all the daily tasks sustainable. No travel costs, no time wasted, simply online or with a modern app on your smartphone!


Powerthinking -
Better cooperation, effective and efficient work are the result.

In this module, participants train the PGH® method (Positive Basic Attitude). It is an effective tool for more success in all areas. Ingrained thought patterns and obstructive beliefs prevent success, happiness and more sales! In this course, the power of thoughts is trained daily in order to use them purposefully. Companies change when people change! "If you want to have new successes tomorrow, don't act the way you did yesterday!"

The online training requires only 3-4 minutes daily and accompanies participants for 60 days. Anchoring proactive positive thinking daily on the side and building personality is the goal.

Powertalking -
The power of language

Words are bridges to the other person and Powertalking is the art of using them in an appreciative and uplifting way. Employees can be motivated to top performance, customers to great deals and also privately partners and children can be positively inspired and motivated with the right words.
How actively do you work on your language? How do you build yourself and others up with the right words? Powertalking is a must for every manager and for every employee, because then interpersonal communication reaches new heights. In this course, participants train to build their vocabulary winningly every day on the side for 60 days! Besides and without stress with a modern app on the smartphone!


You can book Antony Fedrigotti for seminars and keynotes. Many well-known companies use his enthusiastic and inspiring way of presenting for themselves, their executives and employees. His reference list features well-known companies from all sectors of the German economy.

"Dear Antony, I notice that by consciously taking time out, I also become more effective in my working hours. At the same time, I also experience amazement from those around me about my changes. Overall, I feel 'happier'. ESPECIALLY GOOD is actually the right description, thank you 'ONLY TODAY'!" Daniel A.

"Hi Antony, I think 'ONLY TODAY' is a super idea and inspiration. To be reminded again and again of what matters is brilliant. I notice much earlier when I roll negative thoughts. A lot of things have already changed in a positive way. I also listen to the audiobooks regularly to internalize everything and that does really good. Thank you so much!" Romy G.

"Your training 'ONLY TODAY' was for me the stone that started many of my personal developments rolling. My colleagues and employees appreciate me and I them. In the meantime, I see many positive aspects of my job again and can contribute more valuably there. I have visions and dreams." Erika P.

"I have noticed that there are hardly any negative conditions in my life and attitude towards life. That has surprised me! 98% in my life has already changed for the better and I continue to turn the other screws! Thank you for the daily impulses." Anja A.