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Armin Leinen, speaker and enthusiast by passion, is the expert for lived customer enthusiasm and brand development in the craft as a decisive competitive advantage for customers and skilled workers. Under his responsibility one of the most successful European handicraft enterprises with 100 coworkers was distinguished several times internationally among other things forits customer-inspired Excellence EFQM® as well as as as second-best GREAT PLACE TO WORK® in Europe. More than 25 years of practical experience make him a driving force for masterful corporate management. His clients include well-known organizations and companies from the trades, service and supply industries. He conveys in an authentic and absolutely practiceoriented way how prices are enforced, profits are increased, customers are enthused and thus become active recommenders. At the same time, how the enterprise culture is strengthened and thus specialists are found and bound. He inspires companies and their employees with practice-oriented impulses, so that they can implement the lived customer enthusiasm permanently to expand their customer brand and employer brand.


more brand - more professionals - more freedom

  • Lived customer enthusiasm for active recommendations
  • How to develop a high-quality customer brand
  • How to create an excellent employer brand
  • How to sell profitably and assemble productively
  • How to work stress free and more AM company

working in an organized manner, assembling wit enthusiasm

  • How to put customers at the center
  • How to motivate your employees to inspire customers
  • How to be productive and free of residual work
  • How to exceed customer expectations

inspire and simply sell MORE

  • How to make customers „buy“ and happy
  • How to create high emotional appeal with products and services
  • How to weed out offer collectors and discount hunters
  • How to close safely and confidently sell MORE

Find & retain motivated employees

  • How to develop an excellent employer brand
  • How to achieve pride, a sense of purpose, joy & team spirit
  • How to create a motivating corporate culture
  • How your employees become co-entrepreneurs


„The Customer Days are the most important event of the year, here we can refresh our customer relationships and give new impetus. You were one of the most influential sources of inspiration this year! I have rarely seen our customers as thoughtful, self-critical and active afterwards as they were after your presentation. The booking of our joint workshops shows that you have succeeded in awakening the will to change in our customers. Many thanks for this!“ REHAU AG+Co

„With your very likeable and authentic manner, you managed to take the participants along and motivate them. The impulse lecture was very practical, with many useful tips and ideas. In the subsequent workshops, the strengths of our company were worked out with enthusiasm and ideas were collected on how we can inspire our customers. You have inspired our team!“ Glas Trösch AG


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