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Arnd D. Kaiser, a graduate engineer (UAS), trained production technician, manager and LEAN researcher, is Europe's No. 1 Coach and LEAN management expert. He specialises in the efficient and sustainable implementation of the LEAN way of thinking in people's daily business. For more than 25 years, he has been generating and deepening his applied expertise in the automotive industry on five continents and in more than 14 countries. Since 2002, he has practised abroad for more than seven years and has successfully implemented the LEAN concept across all sectors, both nationally and internationally, with success and on-site sustainability. In his seminars and talks, he inspires his participants with passion and tales of practical and solution-oriented LEAN management experiences. His extraordinary approaches make him simply different. He is actively involved in national and international universities. His goal is to encourage and enable every single person to carry out active process optimisation in the production hall and the office. He knows how to get the concept of LEAN across to people.


Focusing on digital transformation, you will experience and learn how your company can grow holistically, systematically and sustainably. "Measurably more success in 24 months"

  • How to sustainably improve your processes and reduce costs throughout the firm
  • How to support your change management in a transparent and efficient way despite your day-to-day business
  • How to motivate your team and employees differently, thus unleashing creativity and innovation in the process

Where joy, creativity and performance finally unite again

  • How to "shake up" your decision-makers, create positive acceptance and inspire them for the unique transformation path
  • How to get the fundamental LEAN thinking system into every corner of your business efficiently and how to develop it further

LEAN secret: 12 steps within your industry to create a stress-free Advantage

  • How to efficiently and successfully integrate your production and administrative areas with the principle of 'shop floor management in practice', the focus being on 'stability in one's day-to-day business'
  • How to use other key LEAN methods, such as 5S, successfully and improve your results even more

LEAN academy: the 24-month executive LEAN expert Programme

  • How to systematically and consistently develop your basis for business excellence through high-frequency coaching
  • How you can combine theory with a lot of practical and experiential knowledge and, at the same time, implement them in a goal-oriented way on site in the firm


"We associate Arnd D. Kaiser with being a consistent and logical LEAN thought leader; inspiring content for a coherent transfer and dynamic implementation." 
Marius Dammig, Head of Innovation Management, Kroha "Thank you, Mr Kaiser. The crucial hurdle in our understanding of LEAN thinking and acting has now been overcome by the successful introduction of shop floor management." 
Dirk Seiler, Owner, Managing Director, Sedotec "Mr Arnd D. Kaiser is a persuasive LEAN coach and a great implementer. From practical experience for practical implementation – specific, effective and with a focus on holistic excellence! " 
Joachim Schneider, QMS, Faculty Trainer at the EFQM, Brussels "Arnd has a deep knowledge of and passion for LEAN. It‘s always a great experience to work with him, as he is always enthusiastic. He makes it easy to learn and apply the right tools and methods for a successful LEAN transformation.“
Mark Tussey, President, OpEx Leadership, LLC, USA


People, books and events that inspire me "For 3 1/2 years, I was allowed to work in an excellent LEAN company and learnt something every day. The work was fascinating. The factory was in Brazil – the workers received EUR 200 per month gross, a good salary. The processes and the quality were great. LEAN was THE enabler for that. Unfortunately for many European companies, there's still no focus on LEAN, despite high labour costs. But an 'applied' LEAN system and the LEAN way of thinking behind it is THE basis."


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