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Arndt Schmidtmayer inspires his audience, in digital transformation programmes and talks, with his application-oriented know-how and his motivating way of conveying tried and tested recipes for success. In close individual cooperation, he enables people to master critical changes. Arndt Schmidtmayer, a business administration graduate, psychologist, author and lecturer with distinction, is a passionate consultant, coach, trainer and business mediator. He started at a well-known management consultancy, and then moved on to an executive role in an automotive group, where he led the implementation of digital growth strategies in eleven countries in the fields of sales and marketing. Over the last 20 years, the qualified change manager has become an international transformation expert. He analyses the initial situation with regard to its individual constellations, and addresses opportunities for improvement as well as problems with change and conflicts in an agile manner, measurably and sustainably increasing success.


Digital Leadership – the 3 Cs of agile leadership in the VUCA world
  • Culture: Mutual openness and trust, spirit of partnership between equals, co-creation, positive willingness to fail, implementation of innovative methods (e.g. Design Thinking)
  • Communication: email, WhatsApp, Messenger, blogs, chats etc. – not just disseminating information, but effective synchronised COrRESPONDence
  • Conflict management: increasing interpersonal problems must be tackled together early on and fairly (in a WIN-WIN-WIN situation)

Digital transformation – systematic success for important changes
  • How to make (digital) change initiatives understandable to everyone involved at an early stage
  • How to develop customer, employee, and business benefits and minimise concerns
  • How to consistently support implementation in your daily working life right from the start
  • Change sponsors & agents, executives and coaches ensure long-term transfer success

Digital mediation – target-oriented conflict & challenge Management
  • How individual experiences and perceptions paired with unspoken interests create far-reaching problems
  • Using agile principles (e.g. "building on the ideas of others") in a solution-oriented and sustainable 5+1 multi-stage process


Allianz, AOK, Audi, BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, e-on, Freiberger, G-Star, Hypovereinsbank, Hyundai, Landesbank, Linde, MAN, Mango, Maxlrainer, Mercedes-Benz, Merck, Messe Frankfurt, Merck, Merial (Sanofi/Boehringer), Miele, Porsche, PWC, Rolf Benz, Schöffel, Siemens, Sparkasse, WillisTowersWatson, Wempe and many more. "...was able to successfully help with management level mediation in our start-up:...he applied practice-oriented methods from the agile toolbox to the situation...broached the issue of latent and inherent conflicts and solved them in a forward-looking way. We thank him for his ever motivating and pleasant cooperation. "
Markus Hillebrand, Shareholder, VisionEC GmbH "...very interesting, interactive, vivid and entertaining...very charismatic, exciting, thought-provoking, learnt a lot. We are happy to recommend Mr. Schmidtmayer."
Stephanie Ro?tzer, Human Resources Head Office, Linde AG "...supports in leadership and sales...since then, productivity, employee satisfaction and sales have increased by double digits. Arndt made an important contribution to this...systematic & individual competence analysis and development as well as modular transfer support... "
Fabian Kaske, Management, Dr Kaske GmbH & Co. KG


People, books and events that inspire me
Richard Branson (boldly implementing creative transformations), Sigismund Schlomo Freud (emotional iceberg), Prof. Jean-Paul Thommen (systemic coaching & HR management), Agile Tool Cards, 8 years of intercultural work experience and more, including in Argentina, France, Italy, Japan, the UAE, the US


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