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Identify trends at an earlier stage. Analyse markets and people. Demonstrate constructive lateral thinking. And then present everything in an entertaining way. Dr. Axel Jockwer is an advisor, interim manager, author and professor – digital since 1995, when most of today's "digital natives" were still in kindergarten. After years as an entrepreneur and researcher, between 2005 and 2012, Jockwer, in his role as marketing director, was behind the rise of from start-up to the largest German travel portal. With his profound market and media knowledge, Jockwer supports start-ups and other fast-growing companies in phases of change. Major names such as ProSieben, Sat. 1, Otto and Burda are on his list of references, as well as successful newcomers such as BLACKROLL, Beach-Inspector and BioRatio. Unthinking digital euphoria? Certainly not, because Jockwer loves taking a differentiated approach from all sides. He is familiar with everyday life, but also with the bigger picture, potentials, opportunities and risks.


 The digital revolution
  • How does innovation really come about? And revolution?
  • Technologies change the world
  • Drivers and stakeholders, winners and victims
  • What next: a view of Silicon Valley
The labour market of the future
  • Will we soon be jobless or free of our job?
  • What jobs are at risk?
  • How do I come out of change as the winner?
Are you still growing or already dying?
  • Why every growing organisation falls into the same traps
  • Careerists, lousy bosses and the lust for academic titles 
  • Misunderstandings and detested meetings
  • A lack of strategy and a loss of focus
  • Growth despite pain: how does that work?
Pizza, tests and a good mood: "start-up culture"
  • From the fixed idea to fast implementation
  • Lateral thinking, trial and error, testing, improving – from the very beginning
  • The art of growth without pain
  • Performance as a philosophy
  • From being a start-up to a brand
Digital stupidity
  • Who actually forms my opinion?
  • From content marketing to fake news
  • Where has my concentration gone?
  • What do I have to remember?


Referenzen from established firms:  Otto Group, Deutsche Post, Hagemeyer, Vereinigte Volksbank AG, Bank Now, Sesitec GmbH, Comvel (ProSieben/Sat 1), Relax Guide, Mediaworkshop, Deutscher Reiseverband, Destination Meets Online, Lufthansa City Center, ITB eTravel World und Managementforum Starnberg
Start-ups references: Yapital,, BioRatio GmbH, BLACKROLL AG, apeary UG,, Coffeestock, Formigas GmbH, Coliquio GmbH und UC Point AG
„Axel Jockwer ist die perfekte Symbiose zwischen dem brilianten analytischen Blick und der enormen Erfahrung als Unternehmer.” Eva Werner, GF Relax Guide Austria
„Ich kenne niemanden, der sich so schnell in komplexe Themen eindenken kann und dann sofort als Problemlöser hilfreich wird.” Sven Ahrens, CEO Comvel GmbH
„Ein Experte, der viele digitale Prozesse begleitet hat, seit es sie gibt. Sein umfassendes Wissen stützt sich nicht allein bloße Theorie, sondern auf unzählige wertvolle Erfahrungen, die ihn heute zu einem sicheren Lotsen machen.“Arnd Greve, ECD Popular Group GmbH
„Axel Jockwer hat die seltene Fähigkeit, als Insider auch außerhalb der Box zu denken, Althergebrachtes disruptiv zu hinterfragen und unterhaltsam zu verpacken. Seine Vorträge sind eine brilliante Mischung aus kompetenter Wissensvermittlung und niveauvoller Unterhaltung.” Markus Luthe, GF Deutscher Hotelverband IHA


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