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Dr Bernhard Saneke is an independent dentist specialising in dental implantology and also heads the dental centre (with nine dentists) that he founded. His practice was awarded the entrepreneurs' prize for dental practice in 2000. Parallel to his work as a dental entrepreneur, he is an Airbus A320 captain with a major German airline and is authorised to train pilots in both Europe and the USA. In 2003, he was admitted to the exclusive Club 55, the European community of experts in marketing and sales. His talk in 2008 was awarded the Club 55's best prize of the year. In his seminars and at congresses, Dr Bernhard Saneke passes on the experience he has gained as a commercial pilot, physician and entrepreneur in an emotional way.


Why aircraft crash and companies fail
  •  Removing communication barriers
  •  Harnessing the knowledge and skills of your employees
  •  Making the most of your company's resources
  •  Systematically making the right decision
  •  Motivating employees to achieve their best
 Dr Saneke gives deep insights into the world of professional pilots. How does perfect communication in the cockpit work? How can accidents be avoided, decisions made in seconds and conflicts resolved?
 Management and leadership concepts:
  •  Time management or the art of delegating
  •  The only disruptive person is me!
  •  Sun lounger versus turbo: how to manage companies more efficiently
  •  Getting to the right solution fast: the "FORDEC" model of decision-making 


His clients include:
DATEV eG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Degussa AG, Otto Versand AG, Future Management Group AG, Hager Elektro AG, Verband Freier Berufe in Hessen, Oemus Media AG, Internat. Fortbildungs Gesellschaft (IFG Timmendorfer Strand), Deutsche Apotheker und Ärztebank eG Düsseldorf, Dentsply Friadent GmbH, Alsecco GmbH, Zahnärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe, Zahnärztekammer Sachsen-Anhalt, Bundesverband der Dentalindustrie e. V., FRIADENT-Schütze GmbH, Austria, Forum Institut Heidelberg, Bundesverband des Elektrogroßhandels, Nord-West Dental GmbH Münster, Kaniedenta GmbH, Deutsches Zahnärztliches Rechenzentrum, Flemming Dental AG, Solutio GmbH, Cum Nobis GmbH, Intercoiffeur Deutschland, Ögussa GesmbH, Austria, and many more.
Comments from participants:
"Inspiring – not one boring minute – a precision landing – communication conveyed in a graphic way –- everyone could relate to it: bosses and employees."
"1,000 managers enthusiastically applauded him and willingly absorbed his knowledge, which was imparted with a great deal of humour and knowledge of human nature."


People, books and events that inspire me: "In the course of my dentistry studies, I learnt to be a lone wolf; when I trained as a pilot, I was turned into a team player. Doctors bury their mistakes, while pilots are buried with their mistakes. And so pilots have to be well-organised team players without an exaggerated opinion of themselves and any airs and graces. This can be learned and is the key to success – not just in aviation." 




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