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Bert Overlack, business graduate, speaker, author and entrepreneur with a passion, studied business administration and neuroscience. For more than 20 years he managed his own company, with more than 270 employees at five locations in Europe. During this time he mastered company succession, internationalization and expansion - but also a market collapse, insolvency and rebuilding. As an entrepreneur he knows peak times and existential fears from his own experience. His clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Today he communicates his wide range of experience in inspiring speeches and seminars. He moves and inspires his audience with a combination of emotionality, expertise and practical experience. He accompanies companies in strategic and challenging transformation processes as a sparring partner, coach and interim manager at
eye level. He encourages companies to accept challenges and to actively shape the future.


Between peak times and existential fears:
Corporate management in challenging times.

  • How to learn to recognize critical situations in good time and thus secure your company's success in the long term
  • How to motivate your employees in a crisis and turn them from victims to participants
  • How to use methods to increase the resilience of your managers and your company
  • How to keep your emotions under control in any situation and make clear decisions
  • How to use crises as a basis for new successes and the "next level
  • What now? Seven immediate measures for turbulent times

Further topics:

Change as a gift of life: Become who you are!

On the edge of chaos - What comes after the VUCA world?

The dark side of leadership - Dominance and the desire for recognition


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"You managed to appeal to people. The group is very heterogeneous and it is therefore not easy to establish a common ground. By explaining theoretical models of (different) behavior (also in change processes), everyone felt addressed without being lectured at. This enabled the participants to accept the contents very well. The common basis for further action was laid."
Ingrid Blumenthal, Managing Director ALIUD PHARMA® GmbH, Vice President Generics Germany

"Bert Overlack put the final "icing on the cake" on our executive fall retreat. Drawing on his own experience, Bert Overlack took us on the challenging and always unpredictable path of leadership in stormy times - and times are very stormy these days! With a wide variety of examples, Bert Overlack helped ensure that our retreat was a success for everyone with valuable insights. Thank you very much!"
Justus Perschmann, Hch. Perschmann GmbH

"Mr. Overlack was a speaker at the NEW WORK EVOLUTION 2019 in Karlsruhe and inspired the participants with his presentation on how managers and employees can learn constructively from failed projects and turn them into foundations for future successes - in other words, allow for a culture of mistakes or trust. Mr. Overlack packed all this in an exciting and emotional way - highly recommended!"
Conny Fautz, Appsphere AG, #NEW WORK EVOLUTION 2019

"I was really curious to see what Bert Overlack's talk at #Elevate2019, "Success and failure are two sides of the same coin", was going to teach me. Bert talked about the inevitable connexion between loss of control, high level of stress and cognitive performance. He talked about second chances. What I particularly liked was how personal and yet universal his story was. We really could identify with Bert's ups and downs, and find in his experience the courage to overcome our own challenges. The sentence which struck me was: "We don't fail from the sky". I loved the pun and the meaning of the sentence."
Nathalie Bagadey, AFCP


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