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Boris Grundl has launched a whirlwind career as an executive and, as a management expert and thrilling convention speaker, he is counted among EuropeÂ’s orator elite. He is a management trainer, businessman, author, as well as owner of the Grundl Leadership Academy. Boris Grundl has perfected the art of leading himself and others to the highest levels. He is a popular lecturer and visiting professor at numerous universities. His references affirm his exceptional position among top-class speakers. No other speaker has been attested with such high authenticity and profundity. He speaks a clear language, always with a sense of humour, and always gets to the heart of the matter. As a prominent expert, Boris Grundl is a welcome guest and protagonist in TV and radio (including ARD, ZDF, WDR, MDR, 3sat, SWR, FFH). In large lectures, he provides students with groundbreaking inspiration for an independent life. Boris Grundl is the "Developer" (Harvard Business Manager).


The magic of change

  • How processes of change become a success. That is how you use the nature of change for lasting success.

Secret to success of corporate culture

  • Leading means living it – everything else is dressage.
  • How embodied values become corporate reality.

Leading Simple © Leading can be so easy

  • Discover the power of methodical personal development. Encourage people - with a system.

Stand up! Confessions of an optimist

  • How to lead yourself. That is how personal responsibility works – on the highest level.

Dictatorship of the do-gooders

  • What you cannot accept if you want to make a difference. That is how you assert yourself. Guaranteed.

The time of the doers has passed.

  • Why we need new role models.
  • How do I make myself redundant, while the results improve?

Make myself happy

  • How you receive what everybody wants.
  • That is how you bring success and fulfillment to your life. Professionally and privately.


Extract from the reference list:
Agrarvis, AMC, Atos Worldline, Audi, Barmenia, BMW, Brenntag, Capgemini, Chiron Vaccines, Daimler AG, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche BP, Deutsche Post DHL, Edeka, Erdinger, ERGO, Gothaer, Hamburg Mannheimer, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Inline, IVF Hartmann, Kellog`s, Klosterfrau, KPMG, L`Oréal, Lufthansa, Media Markt, Microsoft, Novartis, O2, Roche, SAP, Siemens, Signal Iduna, s.Oliver, Sparkasse, Tchibo, TRW, Telekom, T-Systems, ZURICH Versicherungen “The personal developer. A bounceback type, who seeks his kind“ Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Boris Grundl is one of the most popular management trainers in Germany.“ ARD

“Executives from all over Europe flock to his lectures.“ ZDF

“Boris Grundl is the personification of 'stop with the excuses'“ Magazin events

“He is among the most successful management trainers in Germany.“ WirtschaftsWoche

“Hardly anybody else embodies the message of crisis and conquest like Boris Grundl.“
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“His TV presence leaves politicians envious.“
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