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Dr. Carl Naughton is an organizational psychologist. On the one hand he is a researcher, he investigates what makes us tick in the MIT: How Motivation really works, what Innovation means for the brain and what ensures success when dealing with Transformation.
More importantly, he is a practitioner. He transfers his insights into practically relevant tools. They instantly impact everyday business and private life. The result: Fresh minds for fitter firms. His keynotes are interactive journeys to our individual brainpower. They have people experience live how curiosity, the flip-concept or the psychological capital create desire for the new when strenghtening innovative work behavior, change readiness or future-couragous mindsets. He has been on the stage and in front of the camera for more than two decades. He offers impulses, tips and first aid against change fatigue or implementation barriers.


Curiosity – Creating the desire for New and Change.

  • Why do curious people show higher job-performance, more ideas and less conflict?
  • 80% say curiosity is vital for business, but only 12% feel their company strengthens their curiosity. What can we do?
  • How Porsche Consulting and the Weizmann Institute effectively increased their curiosity.

FLIP – How the world and transforma und Wandel in unseren Kopf kommen.

  • Why focusing on the known within the new makes people instantly change-ready.
  • Which scientifically proven clear pattern does successful transformation have and why it is the opposite of what we normally believe?
  • Why is the common ground technique the most impactful way of kick-staring change?

Future Courage – How our brain plans the future and what supports it in achieving it.

  • How can we decrease uncertainty avoidance and spike ambiguity tolerance for a future-fit mindest?
  • Why are future-couragous people more innovative and change-ready at the same time?
  • What strengthens future courage´s four dimensions: hope, resilience, efficacy and realistic optimism in one go?

Born to build. The practical science of insights, ideas and innovation.

  • Why creativity is more difficult than we often think.
  • How can one technique make our minds can become more creative in organizations and at home?
  • Why is mood-management is crucial for coming up with new ideas?
  • Why we need less ideas and more innovative behavior to succeed.

High Speed Heads. The secret of a fresh mind.

  • How can we combat the four foes of successful change-thinking?
  • How can organizations and individuals increase the SMART-factor?
  • Why does rethinking thinking lead to a 7% revenue increase?
  • Plus: why sudokus are fun but never increase you mental capacity.


„A natural and charming way of interacting with the audience, an original and inspiring style.“ Frank Michalak, CEO, AOK Nordost

„The perfect mixture of information and reflection, delivered in the most crisp and elegant way.“
Nicole Bussmann, Executive Editor, managerseminare

„With his refreshing style, his meticulous preparation and his quick ability to acquaint himself with our company philosophy Dr. Naughton has contributed greatly to the great success of our event.“
Felix Schröder, Managing Director, Peek & Cloppenburg Nord KG

„Thank you very much for your inspirational performance during our management conference. it was a most entertaining hour, filled with subject-specific expertise, remarkable content and wise impulses, brilliantly delivered. That is as good as it gets.“
Peter Bauske, Marketing & PR, RZV Rechenzentrum Volmarstein GmbH

„An excellent speaker, who managed - mind you directly after the lunch break - to have 200 people captivated in their seats in a matter of seconds.“ Proven Expert

„You performance was simply outstanding!“
Klaus von Kutzschenbach, President, BDVT

„The very positive feedback of everyone involved reflected the appreciation of you well-founded content just as much as of you entertaining style!“ Qlikview

„More then 1,5 hours of suspenseful concentration, fabulous interactions and everyone´s surprise how das 90 minutes can go by and finally the prolonged applause! We cannot thank you enough!“ Volksbank Hamm


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