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Carsten Böhm is a passionate salesman, and a professional helping professionals. He ac-quired his expertise over years of working for an international financial services company, and as a staff trainer at a reputable, respected management consultancy firm. Today, he passes on his tried-and-tested expert knowledge at his training courses, seminars and presentations. He wows his audiences with easy, practical examples. He's a coach who boils things down to the basics.


Managing sales – Simply more revenue!

  • How to familiarise yourself with the advantages and effectiveness of various management styles and learn to apply them yourself
  • How to use a co-operative management style to enable employees to share responsibility and act independently
  • How to establish binding goals with your staff, implement these strategically and consistently, and permanently increase your sales

Four steps to success – Simply sell more!

  • How to reflect on your personal impact, and optimise it in a customer-focused manner
  • How to better understand and purposefully manage your customers with communication skills and the right questions
  • How to recognise your customer's buy signals, and initiate and complete a sale with determination and confidence

Personality in sales – Simply better impression!

  • How to learn to better understand yourself and others, and communicate more effectively
  • How to become aware of your skills, and look and act confident(ly)
  • How to significantly increase your sales success through attention and knowledge of human nature


„The thoughts and actions of our salespeople are revolving even more around the customer, and the increases in sales and revenue are well documented in many areas. You always help our managers in a very pragmatic and success-related manner. We attribute our regular top marks from independent institutions and associations in relation to customer focus and service quality to the many measures we have implemented. We also owe these successes to your support."
Thomas Dankert, Managing Director, Höffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH & Co KG 
„All employees coached through the Carsten Böhm management consultancy programme can attest to its effectiveness. Our managers and sales staff feel actively involved in the coaching, and are able to gain valuable, practical tips from the training units for their daily work. As a result of the HR development measures implemented, we can highly recommend Carsten Böhms team.”
Grit Karsunke, Managing Director, Regio Print-Vertrieb GmbH, LR Medienverlag und Druckerei GmbH company 
„Why do you inspire me as a trainer, and why am I convinced that your training sessions are really effective? Because you embody it all, and genuinely exemplify what you expect of your participants! Because you confidently apply your salesperson and coach tool in every situation, and only coach what you yourself are 100% able to do and implement. Because you treat each participant respectfully, focusing on their strengths. You yourself are your best reference!”
Sonja Roth, Director ZEUS AKADEMIE, ZEUS Group







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