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Carsten Kraus is a lateral thinker, innovator, entrepreneur, speaker and founder of Omikron Data Quality GmbH. His first major innovation as a teenager was a programming language that Atari bought from him and supplied it together with 700,000 computers. Carsten Kraus got into fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence early on in his life. His curiosity for algorithms and AI resulted in numerous products that, today, clean up the master data of large corporations and which almost every European uses when shopping on the Internet. On the basis of his expertise, he was elected chairman of the AI Special Interest Group of bwcon. In the last three years alone, he has applied to take out several patents on AI procedures. He is also a sought-after speaker at conferences and symposia. In his talks, he takes his audience on an expedition into the realm of a new species, which is
currently undergoing a rapid evolution - and in the medium term will revolutionise the entire world. Europe‘s businesses need to catch up. The time is - now!


Hype or trend? - How artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the world
  • How does AI actually work? Basic procedures and procedures of artificial intelligence
  • The changes one can expect in the world of work, society and the economy
  • How you can use AI today to your advantage
Three depths of digitisation: marginal, massive, complete - What‘s right for you?
  • Why you have to digitise?
  • What you have to digitise?
  • How you have to digitise?
Disruptive innovations - turning risks into opportunities
  • Disruption: why no-one sensed it beforehand and everyone knew about it afterwards
  • Identify the harbingers of major upheavals in your industry
  • How Europe‘s businesses need to change in order to shape the future


Press, radio and TV appearances: Das Erste, FOCUS, Handelsblatt, Computerwoche, SWR, Midrange Magazin, Südwestpresse, Landesschau Baden-Württemberg, Marktcheck, One to One, Deutschlandfunk, IT Mittelstand, InformationWeek, isreport, aquisa, PosManager Technology, ZDNet, VDI nachrichten, digital pioneers, plusminus Public appearances:
  • CEBIT - Expert Panel
  • UX CAMP Berlin
  • BHB Kongress Köln
  • EBG Paris
  • MTM Bundestagung
  • 2baHead
  • Next Generation Food
  • MinD Akademie (
  • CRM Summit
  • dfki ITH
„An exciting outlook!" „A very cool talk by Carsten Kraus on neural networks." „Thanks for the great AI presentation yesterday at the Economic Council. It is so important to bring together the ‚old economy’ and the ‚new economy’!"



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