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Professor Christian Stummeyer is one of Germany"˜s leading digital experts. He holds a professorship in Business Informatics and Digital Commerce at the TH Ingolstadt. He began his career at the Boston Consulting Group, then moved to the management team of Siemens AG and has been supporting global corporations and SMEs with their digital transformation for more than 20 years. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, he was instrumental in shaping the growth strategy of a leading online retailer of premium designer furniture. For several years, the experienced management consultant was responsible for the management consulting business of the UDG
United Digital Group, Germany"˜s largest digital agency. He is also the scientific director of AININ, the Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, and a visiting professor at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou. In his talks, he inspires and thrills his audiences with his strategic vision and digital and forward-looking ideas.


The customer of the future –
understanding, surprising, inspiring

  • Success strategies for sales and marketing in the digital world
  • The 11 theses on the digital customer of the future – how to
    reach and win over digital natives
  • Nudging and convenient commerce –
    how customers no longer notice that they are buying
  • Predictive selling – when the right goods are just around the corner

Megatrend AI –
a journey through time of Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence, an infinite story –
    development, status quo, outlook
  • Fields of application of AI in sales and marketing for better
    service and more turnover
  • AI use at the customer interface –
    current AI trends in retail and their revolutionary potential
  • Ethical decisions at the limits of AI – does technology determine our fate?

Digital business models –
success factors you need to know

  • How to identify your customers‘ pain points and develop a digital business model from them
  • How to become successful as a manufacturer or retailer with Amazon in B2C and B2B
  • How 7 success factors in your industry lead to sustainable growth
  • How to find and develop the right talents for the working environments of the future


Keynote speeches at leading industry events:

  • Opening keynote speech at Neocom 2018 in Bonn
  • Conference President and Keynote Speaker at the eTail Germany
    2019 and 2020 in Berlin
  • Opening keynote speech in Munich at the Retailtech Hub EXPO

DAY 2019 (MediaMarktSaturn & Plug and Play)
Awards and networks:

  • Mentor at Henkel X, mentor at Retailtech Hub
  • Outstanding Teaching Award 2019
  • Member of MÜNCHNER KREIS e. V.

„The findings for our own company and important stimuli to promote digital topics in our own company were groundbreaking. As a practitioner, Professor Stummeyer convinces and inspires the audience!“ Stefan Junker, Board Member and CFO, Erwin Hymer Group SE

„Informative, authentic and at the same time entertaining and inspiring – it was just really good!!“ Martin Wild, Chief Innovation Officer, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

„The perfect combination of well-founded competence, practical experience, charm and wit. Professor Stummeyer skilfully illustrates the complex topic of digital commerce in an exciting and tangible way.“ Stefanie Peters, CEO, enable2grow

„Christian Stummeyer won over the plenum with his expertise and passion. His topics move people and stimulate discussion.“ Jan Welsch, Managing Director Sparkassen Kreditpartner GmbH

„His messages have a high level of practical relevance and bearing. The talk was entertaining, with an arc of tension and clear syntheses. Professor Stummeyer presents his material with a lot of dedication, charm and humour.“ Markus Schlitt, CEO, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Siemens Mobility GmbH


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