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Born in 1964, Christoph Keese is a successful author (“Silicon Valley – Was dem mächtigsten Tal der Welt auf uns zukommt”) and manager at media company Axel Springer. As Executive Vice President, he strives to rebuild the company into an Internet business. Hardly any other European company has experienced such success in digitalisation: Two thirds of SpringerÂ’s turnover and three quarters of its operating profit today come from the Internet. Keese is a qualified economist and journalist. Positions he has held include editor-in-chief at the “Financial Times Deutschland”, the “Welt am Sonntag” and “Welt Online”. In 2013, he spent six months living and working in Silicon Valley for his company, and is more familiar with its working methods, culture and business models than virtually any other European.


Silicon Valley: How internet companies are changing the world, and what European companies can do to keep up
Digital disruption: Why every industry is affected by digitalisation, and why companies not prepared for it will fail
The culture of innovation: How to build your company to make it truly creative and a spearhead for the movement
Platforms and monopolies: The risks of digitalisation, why Silicon Valley companies are so powerful, and the risks this poses to society
The car of the future lives on the internet: How digitalisation is changing the automotive industry, and what automotive companies must do to keep up
Financial technology: Modern finance service providers on the internet are taking business off banks. How should the banks react?
The future of the media: How to earn money with creative content on the internet, what are the future trends, and how can these be implemented at your company?
The decline of a superstar – Where is Germany headed? The country has missed the boat for many technologies of the future. How can it catch up?
The internet and philosophy: Does God live on the internet? Why the World Wide Web has much more to do with the major questions of humanity than we think


  • Bosch
  • Lufthansa
  • Deutsche Bank
  • EON
  • Microsoft
  • O2
  • ING Diba
  • Klöckner
  • VDI
  • Bundesverband Deutscher Banken
  • BDI
  • BDA
  • Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos

  • 2004 Editor-in-chief of the year (Medium Magazine)
  • Shortlist for the Deutscher Wirtschaftsbuchpreis (German Business Book Prize) in 2014
  • “Silicon Valley”: 5 editions, on the best-seller list for 9 months



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