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How expensive will climate change and climate protection become? Will we have to get by without cars in the future? What will the switch to alternative energies and sustainable mobility cost us? Claudia Kemfert has been dealing with these and similar questions for many years: as an environmental economist and economist, as a researcher and professor, as an internationally active expert and political consultant, and as an author and editor. Since 2004 she has been head of the department "Energy, Transportation, Environment" at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). She is professor of energy economics and sustainability at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. As an economic expert in the fields of energy research and climate protection, she is concerned with the economic costs of climate change, the energy supply of the future and the economic opportunities of a smart energy turnaround. Claudia Kemfert was an advisor to EU President José Manuel Barroso and is on the advisory boards of various research institutions and federal and state ministries.


  • Use the crisis now

  • The economic costs of climate change

  • The energy supply of the future

  • The economic opportunities of a smart energy turnaround

  • The other climate future. Innovation instead of depression

  • Further topics by arrangement



  • The battle for electricity. Myths, Power and Monopolies, 2013

  • Using the crisis now, 2009

  • The other climate future. Innovation instead of depression, 2008



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