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Over the last 25 years, as the COO of SCHEELEN® AG, Claudia Scheelen has built up her reputation, with her entrepreneurial focus on leadership, strategy and management. At the same time, she is an expert in HR and organisational development, currently managing a team of around 50 permanent and freelance qualified, competent and committed people. As a quality management representative, she attaches particular importance to quality management and corporate culture and actively exemplifies these two areas. Both internally and externally, she employs her expertise as a systemic coach. Her ideal clients are entrepreneurs and executives who are looking for a sparring partner with hands-on experience. In her work, she is described as solution- and result-oriented, open and attentive, trustworthy and communicative.


Successful value-based leadership
  • Make your company culture visible and exemplify it
  • Foster the self-responsibility of your team with the right communication strategy
  • Be an attractive employer to find and retain the right staff
Well prepared to start the year with good goal planning!
  • Ensure your company transparency by regularly reporting on the objectives, measures and business figures
  • Support your executives and employees with their goal & action planning for integration in the company's success
How to ensure your employees' ability to perform well
  • Face up to the individual stress triggers and develop your personal resource management for coping with stress
  • Discover your drivers, how you can make your work meaningful and your motivation factors.
In her work, Claudia Scheelen uses the exclusively distributed diagnostics tools of INSIGHTS MDI®, ASSESS by SCHEELEN®, RELIEF Stress Prevention by SCHEELEN® and Zenger|Folkman
Professional Coach Member: DBVC


"... thanks to her good preparation, she was able to give me some great models for making improvements."
Coaching participant, Chief Sales Officer "... in many years cooperating with us, she has inspired us as a human being and served us as an entrepreneurial model."
A business couple "The force of expression, hit rate and fields of application of her tools are fascinating. But what I'm even more grateful for is the help given with reflecting on and developing my actions. Looking back, I can see a long-term change in my communication strategy. "
Coaching participant "Since our managers have been working with the new questionnaire for the target planning discussions, we can see a clear increase in efficiency with regard to achieving our targets."
Management of a medium-sized trading company


My mission: "I foster human and entrepreneurial growth." The continuous exchange with entrepreneurs and network partners:
  • EntrepreneurEnergy SchmidtColleg
  • TTI Success Insights (USA)
  • Zenger | Folkman (USA)
  • OutMatch (USA)
  • Club 55
  • DBVC




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