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Claudio Di Lucia, director, photographer and creative director, is an expert when it comes to the emotional implementation of dramatic content. He studied business and marketing at Oxford as an MBA. The multi-award winning creative and entrepreneur has learned his craft from the best teachers, such as Quentin Tarantino's and Chris Nolan's film teacher Dov Simens. Inspired by the great role models of the American and German film industry, he founded his first own company, atworx postproduction GmbH, in 1998. With his current company twentyfourone motionpicture he creates international campaigns for companies such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino, L'Oréal Paris, Chanel, Lancôme and many more. He is the founder of the DLC Academy International Art School. In his consultations, seminars and lectures he inspires his participants with a firework of inspirations and stories. Claudio Di Lucia has the gift of conveying profound expertise in an informative, pictorial and easily catchy way, and makes you want to create your own script for success.


Script of Success - How to write, direct and implement your vision.

  • How to identify and cast the right characters
  • How to create emotions and attract attention with effective dramaturgy
  • How to build suspense with optimal timing, attract people, create lasting loyalty and lead to a happy ending

Story Power - From Fast Follower to First Mover!

  • How to create a fertile environment for creativity as well as innovation and thus become a first mover
  • How you overcome boundaries as a visionary and have a free ride into the future
  • How you create and dominate new markets as a first mover 

Emotion Power - The power of emotions

  • How to open and win people for your message
  • How to harness the dramatic power of emotion for your brand
  • Your Customer Journey - From external emotion to internal relationship


  • IPA 2014 Professional Honorable Mention People: Lifestyle
  • 2014 LONDON Intl. Creative Competition (LICC) Shortlist Photography, Professional
  • 2016 MUSE Creative Awards Platinum Award 1x People / Portrait
  • 2016 MUSE Creative Awards Gold Award 8x People / Portrait
  • 2016 MUSE Creative Awards Honorable Mention 8x People / Portrait.
  • 2015/16 BLICKFANG. Germany's Best Photographers Beauty / Fashion