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Her presentations are thought revolutions in terms of leadership, customer amazement and personality development. Their messages are authentic. Whether as keynote speaker or as a coach, Daniela A. Ben Said thrills her audience and seminar participants with energy and credibility, with her precise perceptions, and ideas and concepts which can be put immediately into action. In 2008, Daniela A. Ben Said won the Coaching Award, and in 2009 Spiegel Wissen said of her, “She is one of the top coaches in Germany!” In 2014, she won the Oscar of the industry, the “Speaker of the Year” award. Daniela A. Ben Said studied psychology, completed her training as a naturopath (for psychotherapy) and has acquired numerous additional qualifications in the fields of NLP, Transactional Analysis and Business Consulting. She has written five books, and together with “Quid Agis,” established a private company in 1998 that is running successfully to this day. With her out-of-the-box way of sharing knowledge, she sometimes also makes use of horses or birds of prey.


You can book Daniela A. Ben Said for presentations, day events and intensive seminars lasting several days, or attend seminars at her academy. Prepare to be amazed by the variation potential through her use of animals onstage (upon special request) to truly bring topics to life. Customer amazement “Ben Said turns sellers into best-sellers!”

  • Be different or die!
  • Attract new customers with simple strategies

Leadership “Ben Said bestows managerial powers!”

  • Success factor leadership skills
  • Consequences and clarity, more motivation = more success

Personality and diversity management “Ben Said THE motivation concentrate!”

  • Diversity is added value!
  • Attract, retain, and motivate staff through diversity
  • Colourful teams are successful


Her clients:
Deutsche Telekom, Fresenius Medical AG, REWE, Deutsche Bahn, L‘Oréal, RWE, AOK, DEHOGA, Sparkassenakademie, Daimler, MBN Bau AG, Osma-Aufzüge, Kabel Deutschland, Tesa, Tetra, Wittfeld Bau, Union, Deka, Goldbeck Bau, Renault, and many more  “One of the most authentic coaches in Germany!” Geest-Verlag “Simply professional.” Planet Wissen Moderation Team “Daniela A. Ben Said belongs at the top of the industry.” Spiegel Wissen 2009 TV appearances:
WDR, SAT. 1, NDR, SWR and numerous radio interviews  *She was awarded the Coaching Award in 2008 *She was awarded Female Speaker of the Year 2014 in 2015.


Daniela A. Ben Said is entertaining, knowledgeable and personable. The listener has the impression they’re attending a kind of business cabaret when at one of her presentations. Creative and inspiring, she talks about customer enthusiasm, leadership and personality. Ben Said explains a lot through the use of imagery, and thanks to her small farm, she has many amusing and informative examples from the animal kingdom. In her new program entitled “Happiness is beastly easy!”, you’ll learn about the beastly happiness strategies of dogs, cats, horses and more.



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