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As a passionate speaker, entrepreneur, innovator and multiple start-up enerpriser, Alexander Müller is convinced that there is almost infinite potential in every human being. He himself has witnessed several times over the fact that really ANYTHING is possible – our only task is to discover and use this potential. Therefore, as the CEO and owner of GEDANKENtanken, he would like to work with the entire team to foster precisely this potential on an innovative training platform – with the knowledge of the best experts, so everyone can get the tools for leading a happy and successful life. As one of the few Google Sprint Masters, he also regards with enthusiasm the current and future opportunities: it has never been so easy to reach so many people, to change lives sustainably and to do good. He is an expert when it comes to entrepreneurship, innovation and start-ups. He regularly travels to Silicon Valley to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world.


START-UPS – the crowning glory of creation? What companies can learn from start-ups

  • Why no industry and no product will be spared from digital change
  • What large companies can learn from game changers
  • How start-ups develop new business models through lateral thinking and like to make losses
  • Why every company needs an innovation strategy and how you can secure your future through cooperation and acquiring start-ups
  • How start-ups develop corporate cultures that lead to an incredible level of commitment and identification
  • How to develop innovative products in time and conquer new markets

 Who the f *** is Goliath? – why the little ones beat the big ones in the digital age

  • What you and your company can learn from the Silicon Valley start-up mindset
  • Why the future belongs to start-ups and how you can enable a lot of small start-ups within your firm and foster entrepreneurial activity
  • How to create a fertile environment for creativity in your business and how you and your staff can develop an awareness of the future
  • Understanding the times of the digital epoch-making change, identifying future trends in good time and ensuring business success



“Alexander really impressed me with his combination of rare attributes. He's a listener with a vast network. A sharp thinker who combines innovative cooperation. A practitioner who simply experiments. A mentor who is on the right track. And he's a speaker you just enjoy listening to.” Frank Fischer, Head of Developer Relations, Google


"Alexander manages to fuse together knowledge from different industries and so create the basis for new ideas. With his 'growth mindset', he encourages others to think outside the box and not stay within a 'fixed mindset'.” Sebastian Weber, Director Solution Services, Microsoft, Germany


“The talk was inspiring and entertaining. Alexander succinctly sums up the digital revolution and the role of start-ups and innovative teams!” David Kuczek, Investor, Holtzbrink Ventures


“A young, promising speaker who talks about what he knows, and knows what he's talking about. Persuasive, clear and opinion-forming.” Sabine Asgodom, Bestselling Author & Speaker



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