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Christoph Holz, IT specialist and aerospace engineer, studied at the Technical University in Munich, before starting up one of the first digital agencies in the German-speaking world in 1995. Two decades later, he founded a startup and moved his whole family to the Silicon Valley. Holz has been lecturing in subjects such as digital marketing, usability and design at various universities for 15 years, and is one of the few speakers able to bridge the gap between technology, business and society. His work as a speaker and host led Holz to CeBit, TEDx and even as far as Google in California. His entertaining and motivating presentations always pit entrepreneurial people and their skills against technology, encouraging them to impartially face up to new technological challenges.


The digitalisation hype – how to make the transition successfully 
  • The world has always challenged us people a little. Progress exists to ensure this remains the case.
  • When technology gets under the skin – medical advancements as the ultimate technological drivers.
  • How to promptly identify the benefits of innovative technologies and build on these to create lucrative business models.
 The Silicon Valley tactic –
   The startup innovation mindset 
  • How Johannes Gutenberg disrupted the Middle Ages and went broke with the first “startup” of the modern age.
  • How the Silicon Valley philosophy sowed the seed for current US politics over the course of decades.
  • What makes a successful startup culture, and how established businesses can benefit from this.
 The beauty of data –
   Visual survival techniques for the data age 
  • How to identify patterns and useful correlations in intuitive data illustrations.
  • How to use data visualisation to find answers to questions you previously hadn’t thought of.
  • Visual stories from the social media universe.


  • 2017 eDay
“The digitalisation hype – how to make the transition successfully”
  • 2016 TEDx and cEbit
“Survival Skills for the Data Driven Society”
  • 2015 Google San Francisco
“What is the Mass Market App for the Data Driven Society”
  • 2014 eDay
“Visual stories from the social media universe”
  • “Born Global Champion”
awarded by State Secretary Mahrer
  • CSE – Certified Supervisory Expert
  • CMC – Certified Management Consultant
  • Tyrol State Innovation Prize
  • Sworn expert witness for software, e-commerce & Internet
  • Lecturer at Kufstein University of Applied Sciences


People, books and events which inspire me: 
“In his book ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined’, evolutionary biologist Steven Pinker proves that humanity really has made progress, and how we can shape our future for everyone’s benefit.
I have been inspired by Dale Carnegie, the Machiavelli for do-gooders, and Don Quixote. 



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