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Business graduate Dominik M. Aumer is one of Germany's leading experts for sales processes and founder of the Entourage HR consultancy. He studied business administration at the University of Saarland and can look back on more than 10 successful years in sales. With the development of his Sales Process Consultancy method, Aumer has closed the gap between sales practice and scientifically founded content. His method is characterised by its process-based approach and its high degree of feasibility. His references include renowned clients from industry, trade and service. In his consultancy projects, training sessions and talks, he thrills participants with his inspiring and entertaining way of conveying proven knowledge of what succeeds to them.


Sales processing – how to analyse, structure and optimise your sales processes in 5 steps

  • How to document and put all your processes to the test
  • How to adapt your processes to current customer needs and achieve maximum efficiency
  • How to provide knowledge building blocks to your employees in a process-based manner and increase the quality of your customer communication
  • How to identify and eliminate your zero functions in the process
  • How to increase your revenue and maximise sales through a process of continuous improvement

Sales excellence – the 7 theses of the sales of the future

  • How to systematically analyse customer needs and act in a targeted manner
  • How to align your sales organisation in such a way that you can act faster than your competitors
  • How to define competence profiles and recruit suitable staff on the basis of future requirements

Sales values – unique selling

  • How to find the right people and make them ambassadors for your brand
  • How to use your value concept to make your customers real fans
  • How to find and retain the right customers on the basis of your sales values


"For top performances in sports, you need the right training and coaching. You use this recipe for success in sales in an impressive way. Thank you for eight motivating and inspiring days! " Kerstin Mühlner, handball player who has 210 caps for Germany
"The architect for sales processes in Germany." Jürgen Grossmann, architect & founder of Grossmann Group
"Your training session has moved employees who have been in sales for 20 years. You've flipped the switch in these sellers' minds. With your sales process, we are making higher-quality sales, more successfully and with incredible enthusiasm!" Nicole Passora, Managing Director
"Aumer is the pope of sales processes!" Thomas Thomsen, Branch Manager
"I talked to the participants of your workshop. This is the best feedback I've heard about a training course in my more than 30-year career." Reinhold Böhm, executive



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