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Katrin Seifarth is a woman with hands-on experience, who gives people and organisations pragmatic and immediately implementable tips for better results in their (professional) everyday life. In her informed talks and seminars, she reveals the pleasure and pain points of people and companies in a ruthless, yet humorous way, giving lots of examples from her life, and shows how you can resolve and tackle them without having to change yourself. She is convinced that success can only be achieved if you can get rid of beliefs and inhibitions that are holding you back from achieving success, identify them in others and deal with them in a respectful manner. And success can grow if you are aware of your own strengths and those of others, and always remain true to yourself. The mother of two is a graduate in business administration, a trainer, moderator, an author of several books, a certified systemic and wingwave coach as well as an NLP master. She has more than 20 years' professional experience in the marketing department of a global company as well as a business and life coach.


The SIEgER team

  •  Understanding gender-specific behaviour and communication patterns
  •  Workflows for your company to unleash the potential of women and men, both individually and in interaction with each other
  •  Identifying and controlling typical "pleasure points" in 'him' and 'her' to motivate people and prevent conflicts

  Giving value instead of estimating value

  •  Identifying the pain and pleasure points and beliefs of internal and external conversation partners instead of guessing them
  •  Addressing these issues with respect, but still communicating clearly as regards contents and de-escalating conflicts
  •  Empathising with others instead of projecting your own feelings on other people

  We can also talk – in real life instead of digitally

  •  Typical misunderstandings in digital communication
  •  When e-mails, WhatsApp and Messenger systematically fail and become time-consuming
  •  How to understand and communicate emotions unambiguously in digital communication

  Manage yourself – then you can manage others

  •  Identifying and getting rid of my own disruptive beliefs for better personnel management
  •  Detecting and precisely controlling my employees' motivation and demotivation buttons
  •  Typical management tensions and how we can easily avoid them

  Moderation of conferences and offsites – competent, result-focused and effective 


Among others: Allen Overy, Groupe Clarins, Deutsche Bank, Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG, Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal Suisse S.A., Latham & Watkins, Lorenz Snack World, Messe Frankfurt, PepsiCo Deutschland, Procter & Gamble, Unilever Rotterdam, Vorwerk Deutschland.

"Katrin Seifarth was the pulse of our best seminar!"
Carsten Knieriem, Managing Director of ho-X GmbH

"In her smart, humorous but also rousing talk, Katrin Seifarth shows that men and women can develop into a successful SIEgER ("his and her victory") team when they learn to understand each other. She effortlessly manages to captivate her audience with funny anecdotes and to provide useful tips for one's professional life." Organiser of spring Messe Management GmbH – “job and career“

"Very easy-to-apply tips that will improve your professional credibility and effectiveness." Stefan Bolsius, VP Global Customers, Unilever Rotterdam


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