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Klaus-Jürgen "Knacki" Deuser is a comedian, entrepreneur and passionate runner. The
creator of the TV show NightWash, which he has developed into a springboard for a whole new generation of German comedians and for which he received the German Comedy Award, is now a pioneering part of the German comedy scene. As a speaker, he entertains audiences with his immense wealth of experience from more than 30 years of entrepreneurship and
stand-up comedy. Talks on the topics of change, courage and digitalisation form the focus of his work. He excels at quickly and flexibly comprehending new specialist topics and industries, proactively incorporating them into his talks. He thrills audiences with humour and intelligence, offering them enduring knowledge and inspiration. "If you never make a turn, you’ll drop out of the running."


How to promote bold action, change perspectives, view situations differently and use all of this to find creative processes for change. A plea for passion, change, creativity and courage – because success doesn‘t come by chance!  THINK DIFFERENTLY, ACT BOLDLY!
"The joy of change!"
  • How to promote a culture of bold action and enable "the new".
  • There are so many more solutions than we think there are. The only question is whether we really want to discover them.
  • Change and transformation are always a question of attitude.
  • Why you always need a bit of courage. 
"Taking the digital age by the horns!"
  • Dispelling fear – learn what digitalisation really means.
  • First and foremost, digitalisation is about attitude and readiness.
  • Inspiring employees and promoting a culture of bold action.
  • Adapting to digitalisation is not just about avoiding disaster, it‘s about making opportunities work for you.
"How humour makes you successful!"
  • Humour is an exclamation mark we can use to tackle fear, a way to accelerate change and encourage others.
  • How humour helps you sell yourself and your products better.
  • Those who want to be successful but aren’t using humour to help are missing a trick.


Klaus-Jürgen "Knacki" Deuser, the inventor of NightWash, which he has developed into the springboard for a whole new generation of German comedians and for which he received the German Comedy Award (RTL) in 2016, is now a pioneering part of the German comedy scene. He has received many awards during his career. Some of the formats he has developed include: Comedy Lab (ZDF NEO), Hörsaal-(College)-Comedy (1Live), Pistor‘s Fussballschule (WDR2) or the "Magical First Minute" (LinkedIn Learning) "Mr Deuser was a real stroke of luck. He was able to pick up and run with any topic the speakers and panellists threw his way. With his talk, he was able to add his personal touch and generate enthusiasm. Brilliant!"
Vanessa Calles, Siemens Industry Software GmbH "Mr Deuser, your contributions were extremely entertaining and also full of valuable advice that kept coming back to the title of your talk ‘How humour makes you successful‘."
Felix Sauter (Director HR Europe), Henry Schein


"Currently we live in a society where avoiding flops has become more important than creating a hit – and that just won‘t do. I would like to encourage people to dare to do more than just take one step at a time, And as proof that this is something I take seriously myself, I am also currently training for the 1,500 m race (in my age group) at the 2018 World Athletics Championships in Malaga (Spain)."



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