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Rainer Petek is an author, speaker and extreme climber. At the early age of 19, he climbed the north face of the Grandes Jorasses – one of the most difficult ascents in the Alps. Today, he advises international companies and managers from Germany to the digital leaders in Silicon Valley. The graduate organizational developer knows that, in the mountains and in the business, things mainly boil down to reliability and the courage to make clever use of emerging opportunities. With a lot of humour, impressive analogies and spectacular images from vertical rock climbs, Rainer Petek whets your appetite for uncertainty and proves to be the perfect source of inspiration for leadership and change. On stage, the author of six books thrills his audience with powerful thought-provoking ideas from the north face and puts solutions for complex business topics in a nutshell. Rainer Petek imparts lasting inspiration and encourages executives and teams in transition phases to tackle their own business north face.


KEYNOTE: The Nordwand-Principle – How to Manage Uncertainty

  • New ways of thinking, new ways of acting: how to succeed in the future when plans and formulas fail
  • How you and your team can leave familiar terrain and set forth into new and unknown entrepreneurial territory
  • How to turn uncertainty into certainty with high-reliability and clever experiments – step by step


  • On the north face leading takes the long rope: How to enable the organisation-wide establishment of self-management and the cooperation of all managers on behalf of company's strategy
  • On the north face, everything can can change in an instant: how to give your employees the confidence to deal with uncertainty, and trigger the dynamics of change – for effective change in the here and now


  • On the north face, there are no beaten paths: the shortest route to out-of-the-box thinking and acting
  • What leads to the success on both the north face and in Silicon Valley and why the true key points of digitization are human factors


Daimler AG, Credit Suisse Group, Adidas, Deloitte Consulting GmbH, Deutsche Telekom AG, Hewlett Packard, AOK-Systems GmbH, BMW Group, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Danube University Krems, IBM Austria, LGT Bank, A 1 Mobilkom Austria, Nokia Siemens Networks, Otto GmbH & Co KG, Siemens AG and many more Customer testimonials "Rainer Petek's North Face Principle is a powerful and original approach to finding new avenues in challenging business situations." Prof. KR Friedrich Macher, CEO GRAMPETCARGO, Austria "Managing the uncertain – for an event organiser, even the selection of a speaker has something to do with uncertainty. One day after our event, we are certain: you managed to inspire 1,200 colleagues." Matthias Schenkel, Corporate Communications, Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg


People, books and events that inspire me:
"I'm fascinated by the mountains. Extreme climbs in any event, but even simpler routes have an incredibly beneficial effect: creativity is stimulated, you can think more clearly, and solutions become obvious because the size of your thoughts expands with the breadth of your view. And, as an alternative to that, I'm always on the lookout for the latest trends in Silicon Valley." 



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