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"Increase value instead of lowering price" – this perhaps best sums up Roman Kmenta‘s message
when it comes to the economy and society. As a qualified business economist, he is the expert
when it comes to value-driven pricing and has co-authored several books – the most recent
being "Nicht um jeden Preis" ("Not at Any Price"). Roman Kmenta is a sought-after speaker
and makes a passionate "plea for what is of value in the age of what is cheap" in his speeches
across Europe. Following his corporate career with companies such as Opel and Samsonite,
which took him to half of Europe as a sales and marketing expert and manager, he decided to
pursue an entrepreneurial career. Since then, he has successfully built up several companies.
In his talks, Roman Kmenta entertains his audiences with a humorous firework display of bestpractice
examples. He helps companies and entrepreneurs increase their value and achieve
higher prices and fees.


Not at any price – A plea for what is valuable in the age of what is cheap
  • How to sell on value rather than on price
  • How to build a value-based image and avoid price wars
  • How you can enjoy healthy growth with a continuous value
  • enhancement strategy
  • How to double your profit with 1% more

StoryPricing – Increasing value with stories
  • What you can learn about increasing value from Apple, etc.
  • How to deliberately make customers your fans with a product story
  • How to develop your turnover in the long term with valueenhancing wording
  • How you can tangibly increase added value with Touchpoint Management and make your brand even more valuable

The psychology of the price – what makes people tick
  • What you should know about human psychology when it comes to price decisions
  • Which psychological pricing levers to use to significantly increase your sales
  • How the pros influence a customer‘s price perception and what you can learn from this

Additional topic:
  • Pricing psychology stratergies in online marketing


"Compact, educational and yet very entertaining. And Mr Kmenta was able to give great answers to every follow-up question. Totally persuasive!"
Jonas Hetzer, Dep. editor-in-chief, Impulse Medien GmbH
"A firework display of inspiration, a plea for added value, a persuasive, understandable and valuable contribution for our 400 participants at Baumit Baufachtag 2018 in Spielberg! Every single minute of Roman Kmenta‘s talk, „Not at any price“, was concise, simple and entertaining."
Dr Georg Grimschitz, Marketing Manager, Baumit
"He was simply great! Really, really great. Outstanding, both in terms of content and rhetoric. His humorous insights and stories rounded off the presentation perfectly."
Karin Furtner, Managing Director, Frau in der Wirtschaft – Economic Chamber of Vorarlberg


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