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Dieter Lange studied business administration and psychology and spent many years on the ethnical study of various cultures. He has extensive experience in business as a product manager, as well as marketing manager and constantly combines western
knowledge with eastern wisdom. He is among those rare top management trainers who provide strong impetus for change in companies. Dieter Lange stimulates in particular through his positive and optimistic style – but he does not walk away from the issue of conflicts arising during change processes. His brilliant rhetoric, moving linguistic images and metaphors turn his presentations into unique adventures in free speech. He is usually the highlight of every congress!


You recognize winners from the start – losers too! 

  • Nobody stands in our way or blocks the road to success - only we do
  • How you lead is – who you are
  • The royal path to success – intrinsic motivation 
  • Those who want to lead people, should first be able to leadthemself

Well-fed lions do not hunt

  • Successful at the top – and now, what …
  • The great art of selling yourself


  • The self-set trap or – a completely different view of a massphenomenon: An approach which refutes false assumptions andask questions where we believe we know the answer already

People who always walk in the tracks of others should not wonder that they leave no impressions

  • The management quality of the future – change competence
  • Changing markets! – Changing companies! – Changing people?
  • Excellent change management – top level qualitative transformation

Today you have to be the person you want to be tomorrow

  • From a good manager to an excellent leader


For 20 years, Dieter Lange has been a sought-after speaker, trainerand coach for management and sales seminars at Bayer, Bertelsmann, Gruner & Jahr, IWC, Lindt & Sprüngli, Novartis, Siemens, Unilever and
many other companies in Europe, Asia and the USA. He acts as coach for top managers and executive boards in several top European companies.

“Top Coach Dieter Lange indeed asks uncomfortable questions … promotes top performers like top athletes“ stern

„Provoked, lectured and fascinated: Speaker Dieter Lange touched the right nerve.“ Sales Profi
“The educational theory of Dieter Lange is prime. It is state of the art.“ Trend
“What a lasting impression you have left behind!“ Financial Times

“One of the 10 success makers in Germany.“ Focus

“I do not remember witnessing such a level of interest and attention from H-B-S students.“ Harvard Business School

Dieter Lange is a lecturer at St. Gallen University, Harvard Business School, WHU Vallendar, ZFU-Zürich.





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