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Stage star. Transformation guru. Marketing expert and since 2019 the first speaker worldwide with his own token in the Blockchain. Dietmar Dahmen informs, inspires and motivates. The visual anchors of his keynotes get firmly stuck in the heads and hearts of the audience, give courage to think new things and, above all, to implement them with energy. To this end, he rides the shark of change, saws apart the cushions of comfort, shreds old ways of thinking live on stage, and uses a flamethrower to illustrate what global warming feels like for the earth. Emotion and facts collide skillfully! Marketing and science. Future, courage and energy. 20 years of marketing in Hamburg, Los Angeles, New York, Munich and Vienna, co-founder of various high-tech start-ups, author and lateral-thinking presenter on Austrian business TV, acting globally, live and digitally. Keynote and moderation.


My "thing" is the combination of TECH and SHOW, of KNOWLEDGE and FEELING, of INFORMATION and EXCITEMENT! Everything on WORLD-CLASS TOP LEVEL!

Future - What really awaits us?

From Smart Living to Smart Mobility
How you can use the digital reality for your business
Four questions that will steer you into a successful future

THE DISRUPTION COMPASS - What are the latest technologies?
Digital transformation - How do you deal with what's new?
Successful from ADAPTION to DISRUPTION
Innovation: Where is ahead?
Selling - Emotions win

How to win every pitch with a little creativity
If you want to win, you need emotions
How to understand the customer's brain
Marketing and Branding - Don't follow trends. Set them!

What does the future of marketing and branding look like?
How do you manage to convince customers in digital times?
What is behind Big Data and Hyper-Connectivity?


"Your speech at the Marketing Leadership Exchange event
at CeBIT was quite great."
Denise Beilschmidt, IBM

"Epic talk."
Alexander Steinbacher, IBIDEN Porcelain Factory

"Captivating lecture."
Claudia Böck, Federal Ministry of Finance

"Opens horizons."
Niko Rickert, Associated Architects and Planners

"An incredibly uplifting and inspiring presentation. Thank you for that!"
Zacharias Laïbi, Swisscom

"Thank you for your outstanding performance. Everyone has been raving about your presentation!"
Karin Schwarz, Bombardier

"Super presentation on Monday in Berlin, I'm still excited!"
Christine Marks, Nestlé, Germany

Fabian Hürlimann, IBM


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