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Professor Dirk Zupancic comes from the school of the prestigious University of St Gallen, where he got his doctorate and qualified as a professor. He is now one of the top teachers in management education. He was a professor and divisional manager in St Gallen and, for 8 years, successfully managed a private business school as managing director and president. Today, he is an independent entrepreneur, and member of a supervisory and advisory board. Dirk Zupancic has a mission: to drive sales! With his talks and seminars, he helps companies achieve customer-oriented solutions and the highest degree of professionalism in marketing and sales, lasting competitive advantages and profitable growth. He is a passionate advocate of performance, professionalism and responsibility in management. His customers include global players as well as SMEs.


Dirk Zupancic stands for topics with substance. For him, facts and experiences count. He adapts his content and methods to suit his target groups. He addresses top executives and executives just as successfully as he does experts in their field.
 Successful corporate growth
Identify the growth driver for your company. Use these strategies to systematically and sustainably implement them.
 Sales-driven company
Turn your company and your employees into a sales-oriented unit with genuine "sales drive".
 Sales-driven leadership
Enable your sales executives to successfully meet the challenges of the team today and in the future.
His repertoire includes many other topics, such as (international) key account management, value selling, sales excellence, 'Leadership 2020' and so on. 


ABB, BASF, Bayer, Bogner, Bombardier Transportation, Clariant AG, E.ON, GEZE, Grundfos, Hilti, Lanxess, Swisscom AG, Thyssen- Krupp, URSA, and many SMEs
What event participants say:
"Brilliant motivational talks."
"His clarity and speed are unparalleled."
"Mr Zupancic really got involved in the industry and adapted his content accordingly. His talk was extremely intelligible, credible and practice-oriented."
"Dirk Zupancic is easy-going and down-to-earth. His talks and the discussions with him have a lot of depth. "
"Scientific insights translated into tricks and tactics for practitioners"
"Clear and honest words that affect and concern the audience."


People, books and events that inspire me:
"I am particularly inspired by encounters with people. Every person is unique and has his or her own views, experiences and stories. In them, you can find the patterns of success in management, marketing and sales. Detecting them is my job as a scientist; harnessing them for others and me is my task as a speaker, consultant and coach.“



Referent Dr. Dirk Zupancic hielt am 1. Dezember 2015 einen Vortrag über "Erfolgreiches Ich-Marketing" im Berufsinformationszentrum Heilbronn.  Prof. Dr. Dirk Zupancic ist im Jahre 2016 an folgenden Terminen Live anzutreffen: 25./26.01.2016 | Euroforum Seminar: “Strategisches Key Account Management”, Stuttgart 08./09.02.2016 | Inhouse-Seminar (Englisch): “Sales Excellence”, Würth, Rorschach, Schweiz 26.02.2016 | Lehre: Kick Off zum Integrationsseminar “Vergütungsmodelle im Vertrieb”, Universität St.Gallen, Schweiz 04.03.2016 | Vortrag: “Die Marke ICH”, Seminar Women in Management, GGS, Heilbronn 07./08.03.2016 | Euroforum-Seminar: “Strategisches Key Account Management”, Hamburg 19.04.2016 | Seminar: Key Account Management, Schranner-Institut, München 25.04.2016 | Seminar “Grundlagen B2B Marketing & Marketingstrategie”, Universität St.Gallen, Schweiz  10.05.2016 | Inhouse-Seminar (Englisch) “Strategic B2B Marketing”, Nairobi, Kenia


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