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Persönlichkeit, Erfolg & Motivation
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Dominik Neidhart, sailor in Team Alinghi, winner of the XXXI America"˜s Cup, works according to the motto "go hard or go home". He describes in an impressive way how he brought the America"˜s Cup to Europe for the first time with the Swiss Team Alinghi. Few people really understand the extreme situations that a team on a high-tech yacht has to face. There are hardly any similar challenges whose success or failure depends so much on the highly demanding performance and reliability of each individual team member. In his presentation, Dominik Neidhart analyzes the key success factors of Team Alinghi and uses this exemplary crew to show how top performance can also be achieved in the world of business. When he is not involved in a sailing project, he supports companies as a systemic organizational consultant in developing the full potential of their teams. As an expert for Team - Excellence he inspires his audience with his lively and pictorial way of speaking.


Success factor collaboration – „Working together wins!“

  • Self-Image: How your team develops a clear self-image, what it stands for, and how to deal with it.
  • Trust: Learn how trust creates synergy and added value in your team.
  • Working together: Your team makes the difference. Learn what makes good teamwork.
  • Energy: How your team can sustain energy, adjust course and stay agile.
  • Team culture: Everyone is in the same boat - What that means for your team.

„Go hard or go home“ –
Four steps from challenger to winner

  • How you manage not just to dream about the vision, but to accept challenges, implement them consistently and master them successfully.
  • How to achieve top success with the virtues of determination.
  • How to create a productive environment for new ideas and achieve your goals faster.
  • The Economics of Trust - How to create trust and build a successful

You can‘t win an America‘s Cup on your own – but you
can making history with teamwork and excellence

  • How to become an outstanding winner with clear goals, clear leadership and an excellent team.
  • How to develop an optimal infrastructure and generate rapid and optimal performance improvement. Learn about the sustainable strengths


„Our session with Mr. Neidhart was unique - we are deeply impressed.
He is a brilliant speaker and communicator of values for a team. The arc of tension about sports, motivation, leadership, team building and the implementation in our business was super successful; the presentation was very motivating and will certainly have a long-lasting effect.“ R. S., Apple GmbH

„Great enthusiasm about the liveliness, energy and competence of the speaker Neidhart!“ P.B., Daimler AG

„You spoke from my soul. This impulse would also be quite good for Germany.“ W. S., Manager, Truck Application Projects Daimler AG

„In my 30 years of professional experience, I have heard many keynote speeches. I have never been so fascinated and thrilled by the presentation of an athlete. The motivation, the commitment and the subject matter were outstanding!” H. W., Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG

„Once again a heartfelt thank you and a huge compliment for your performance yesterday. Personally, I liked it very much, in fact I was thrilled by it! I have still received yesterday and also today many positive feedbacks. The basic tenor is always something like: „This man really has what it takes.“!" T. B., Director Business Operations IMS Health GmbH

„I listened to you with great enthusiasm the night before yesterday. Your topic and the way you presented it was fascinating and a great lesson for anyone who is a manager and has the task of motivating and bringing teams to extraordinary performance..” HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH

„Dynamic, authentic, insightful and inspiring. Definitely a great value to our meeting and to us as individual leaders.“ U. H., Integra Biosciences


Das Team Alinghi hat den Bullitt GC32 Sailing Cup Kiel, das dritte Event der 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour, gewonnen.  Dominik Neidhart gibt durch seine im Team Alinghi gewonnen Erfahrungen wertvolle Impulse für Entscheidungen in turbulenten Zeiten.  Hier zum Zeitungsartikel:


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