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Dr. Klaus-Ulrich Moeller is one of our most experienced zeitgeist & future thought leaders. As a historian with a doctorate, an award-winning journalist, as a long-time PR boss of large corporations (Lufthansa, TUI, PricewaterhouseCoopers) as well as a coach and consultant for medium-sized businesses, he combines his leadership expertise with innovative thoughts today. The European Speech Champion 2017 inspires in his speeches rhetorically brilliant congress audience as well as exclusive high-ranking circles. Encouraging people, executives and companies, even in difficult times, to take steps that no one has taken before; to think things that no one has thought before; to simply do something different than before and to shape the future instead of being its servant - that is the core message of his speeches. Like hardly anyone else, he knows how to link visions with the hurdles of everyday life. As a member of many innovative networks and think tanks, he combines science with business understanding and zeitgeist expertise. His lecturing style is considered to be extremely likeable, audience-oriented and highly inspiring.

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The human megatrend - how we stand up to technology

  • How to develop a meaningful future DNA for your company
  • How to successfully dovetail technology and people
  • How to communicate positively about the future within your company
  • How your managers learn to think the future in a new way
  • How to move from being a product designer to a society shaper

The new future thinking - 5 radical principles for your success

  • How to make the most of the combined intelligence of people, technology and nature for your business
  • How to act with foresight and recognize weak signals in time
  • How to leverage the new principle of hyperconnectivity for new business opportunities
  • How to translate the new virtuality of the world and the metaverse into new business ideas
  • How to prepare your executives for the new future in a meaningful way
  • What you can learn from Silicon Valley - and what you can't.

EntrepreneurCommunication -
The do's and don'ts of public speaking

  • How to appear confident and charismatic
  • How to counter shitstorms on the Internet
  • How to stand up to every interview and journalist
  • How to deal professionally with negative news
  • How to skillfully respond to heckling, disruptions and protests

The new self-leadership: How everyone becomes a leader

  • How to take responsibility for yourself after a crisis
  • How to develop every employee into a leader
  • How micro-intelligence is becoming the new world principle
  • What agility has to do with social intelligence and self-leadership



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the great presentation at our Entrepreneur Day. It was a fascinating and entertaining inspiration for everyone! I wish you all the best and look forward to the next opportunity for cooperation." Ulf Mauderer, Managing Director Unternehmerverband Rostock

"We have received only positive feedback on the event so far, both our parents and our students were enthusiastic about the lecture. Of course, I will be happy to recommend you to others, as I was also very taken with the way you spoke and the content of your presentation." Marcus Griebling, Headmaster (deputy), Humboldt-Gymnasium Wiesbaden on the online lecture "Fake News and Lügenpresse - wem kann man noch glauben?" on May 12, 2020)

"Thank you very much for the first-class and discussion-stimulating lecture with a best rating of about 1.6 by all participants. We have never had such a good rating before. Congratulations on this extraordinary and lateral thinking presentation." Dr. Wolfgang Hartmann, Chairman Vistage International, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

"I am still raving about your presentation. It was an impressive speech, skillfully delivered and perfectly staged. Words and images undoubtedly fired everyone's mental cinema. Simply brilliant. We were all very grateful for this wealth of information to take home. Thank you for accepting our invitation." Irmgard Duttenhofer, Press Officer Sparkasse Karlsruhe/Chairwoman of the Press Club

"You are an excellent speaker. I will be happy to recommend you anytime." Wilhelm Könning, CEO, ADA Cosmetics, Kehl

"A really great lecture, especially with the somewhat more philosophical passages." Jens Weller, CEO toplink GmbH, Darmstadt

"One of the most astute observers of business and society in Germany."
Allgemeine Zeitung, Mainz

"That was a very nice; constructive collaboration and from them a successful inspiration. The response was very positive!!!" Josef Stumpf, Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses / North Baden Rhine-Neckar Region / Virtual Lecture April 2020)

"Intelligent people are not recognized by their answers, but by their questions. Dr. Moeller inspires his audience again and again with humorous, curious and thought-provoking questions. In this way, he takes his audience on a journey into new thought patterns, changes of perspective, boundary crossings and intellectual discoveries. It never gets boring and provides plenty of material for conversation and reflection! Brilliant!" Uta Ramme, entrepreneur "The Fairwandler, Münster

"Congratulations on this great event. An indeed excellent speaker with an "exciting" agenda and challenging theses, statements and " guidelines"....". The discussion was exciting, thrilling, multi-layered and supported by very different positions and perspectives!"
Automotive Consultant, Area NorthWest Germany

"Thank you very much for your presentation yesterday in front of our approximately 70 medium-sized companies. It was exciting and entertaining." Gertrud Hilser, German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW), North Baden Rhine Neckar Region (2020)