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Demonstrating a tireless pioneering spirit in his presentations, Edgar K. Geffroy has had his finger on the pulse for the last 30 years, highlighting new opportunities for companies, and enabling them to break with their usual thinking patterns. GeffroyÂ’s motivational
lectures are based on the motto of “Success starts in the head!”. Change should be fun, and carry people along with it, just like his presentations. With his charismatic manner and a veritable fanfare of ideas for new approaches, he wows thousands of listeners every year, inspiring them to adopt new entrepreneurial mindsets. Geffroy’s unique skill lies in individually tailoring his lectures to his customers’ focus areas – thereby guaranteeing maximum benefit for his audience. Geffroy invented Clienting®, a modern customer training programme centred around the customer relationship, with a view to blowing customers’ away, not merely satisfying them.


The perfect opportunity
  • Think INNOVATIVELY and become successful. Success critically depends on how we think. Edgar Geffroy has developed a unique system to seize change as the greatest opportunity. Mind change is the basis for future successes.
The all important customer in a digital world
  • The seven keys to unique customer succes. With the Clienting strategy, youÂ’ll turn market rules on their head, create new customer experiences, and become the first thing your customer thinks of.
Sales & marketing
Restore the salespersonÂ’s pride
  • ItÂ’s no longer the land of milk and honey. The new challenges faced by salespeople in the digital world are also the biggest opportunities for a turnaround in mindset.
Internet & digital
Create your own digital economic miracle
  • The digital transformation will change everything. The Internet is purely the transporter. Nothing will remain as we know it. Now is the right time to rewrite your own companyÂ’s success story.


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“A refreshing and extremely entertaining presentation. Mr Geffroy has once again demonstrated that, even in highly competitive markets, there are always opportunities and ways of maintaining close customer loyalty. And it is rarely price which determines this.Everyone was given numerous tips and suggestions on how to get customers excited about them and their company.” Cheminova Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
“In keeping with our motto of ‘Uncompromising customer-focus”, we invited Mr Geffroy to speak about his latest book ‘Herzenssache KundeÂ’. The many practical examples made for an entertaining presentation which had a lasting effect on all participants. We also gave everyone a copy of the book to further explore Mr GeffroyÂ’s ideas,and internalise some of his approaches for their own everyday work.” Martin Braun, Backmittel und Essenzen KG





Aktuelle Presseberichte: 

15.09.2015 - Edgar K.Geffroy hat gestern einen ausgezeichneten Vortrag vor ausgewähltem Publikum über Kundengewinnung gehalten. Der Vortragsredner wurde vom Marketing Club Österreich und dem Dialog Marketing Verband Österreich gebucht. Diese waren vom Referenten und seinen Thesen absolut überzeugt.


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