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Erno Marius has been a visionary, lateral thinker and recognised expert in digital strategy, transformation and innovation for more than two decades. Through his active work sojourns in Silicon Valley, he has experienced a digital mindset, learned new methods and approaches and successfully introduced them to European companies. With his interdisciplinary expertise in business, team organisation, leadership, product and technology, and in his role as a C-level executive, multiple start-up founder and consultant, he has changed companies so that they think and act in a forward-looking manner. In his talks, Erno Marius thrills, motivates and inspires audiences, giving them practical ideas regarding the digital transformation of companies. He is active as an international speaker, management consultant, business coach and university lecturer – as well as the founder, managing director and partner of DigitalWinners, a boutique consultancy and personnel agency for digital strategy, transformation, innovation and implementation.


Successful and motivated teams!

  • How do you organise teams in the digital age? How are requirements, working methods and leadership style changing?
  • How can effectiveness and efficiency be boosted? How can corporate strategy and innovation be applied in companies?
  • Look forward to a talk with examples of successful transformations that Erno Marius led in renowned companies.

Think, work and live digital!

  • What is the digital mindset and digital culture?
  • How to solve the diverging understanding of the work of generations
  • Exciting and inspiring answers – with concrete examples from actual practice

Disrupt & pivot!

  • How to develop successful business models, products and services
  • How to use the right approaches to generate ideas, develop and test solutions and bring them to market
  • A recipe for success consisting of the best proven methods from Silicon Valley with practical examples and future trends.

Upon request, Erno Marius will gladly adapt the above-mentioned topics to suit the client's target group and industry.


References: ProSiebenSat.1, Maxdome, SuperRTL, Red Bull Media House, TomTom, IBM, Amazon, Eurowings, eprimo


Awards and prizes for product innovations:
from Oracle, Sun Microsystems, NAVTEQ, Frost & Sullivan


“Erno manages to convey complex facts in an understandable way, to enthral and captivate his audience. Awesome! Gerriet Danz, Bestselling Author, Multiple Award-Winning Speaker and Presentation, Communication and Rhetoric Trainer


“Erno succeeds in taking his audience away from everyday life with inspiration and a vision of the future to give them new impetuses that can be put to profitable use in practice at once.” Dr. Stefan Arbanowski, Head of Department Fraunhofer FoKUS Berlin, Organiser of FOKUS Media Web Symposium


“Erno is a true product expert. He's a pioneer in applying a real, customer-focused approach to developing innovative products!” Peter Frans Pauwels, Co-Founder, TomTom


“An expert in team transformation: from departmental silos to agile team communities. As a consultant and coach, he brought his sound knowledge and valuable experience to bear and designed and successfully implemented the team transformation.” Head of IT, Renowned Media Company


Lecture references (excerpt): UnternehmerKonferenz (Nuremberg), Digital Heroes Festival (Stuttgart), Zukunft Personal (Munich), Entrepreneur Summit (Los Angeles), LSZ Behördentag (Vienna), keynote speech at the FOKUS Media Web Symposium, Fraunhofer FOKUS (Berlin), JavaOne (New York)



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