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Eva Thiel has been a passionate improv artist, trainer, speaker and presenter for over 20 years. As the managing director of the clamotta Improv School, she bridges the gap between entertainment and knowledge transfer.
In her seminars on the topic of charisma (leadership, body language and impact), the participants of numerous renowned companies experience a galvanising training session in communication, presence and charisma, the effects of which can be directly felt. The basis of this training is her unconventional and unique method of improvisational theatre (Applied Improvisation). She is considered an expert in inner strength.
Before her life as an improv artist, Eva Thiel worked as a TV editor (TV Total, Tagesschau) and hosted several television shows. She studied political science in Germany, England and France


Charisma and inner attitude. Authentic. Thrilling. Confident.
  • Learn how to develop your charisma
  • Come across as nimble and in the here and now on your professional ‘stage’
  • Inspire others with sympathy and competence
  • Understand repartee and make positive use of „errors“
How to master difficult situations with aplomb and ease
  • With everyone. Always. Everywhere. Communication at eye level
  • Hone the way you see yourself and how others see you and adjust this in a purposeful manner
  • Instinctively learn to control your own body language
Resilience in your working life: live in the here and now
  • Learn to live out the different roles of your personality in an authentic way
  • Strengthen your inner attitude
  • Transform the pressure you impose on yourself into positive energy 


Since 2003, Eva Thiel has designed hundreds of training and coaching sessions as well as keynote speeches. Here is a small selection of her clients
  • Allkauf Fertighaus (training sessions)
  • Airbus (training sessions)
  • Bayer (training sessions, talks)
  • BHB (keynote speech and training sessions)
  • BNP Paribas (keynote speech)
  • computacenter (training and coaching sessions, keynote drafting)
  • DEG (training sessions)
  • Deutsche Bank (training sessions)
  • Erbbauverein (coaching of all board presentations since 2008)
  • Heraeus (talks, training and coaching sessions)
  • Metro AG (training sessions, talks)
  • Pepsi (training)
  • Junior Chamber International (training sessions)



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