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The experienced negotiator and bestselling author is a leading, motivating and captivating speaker for global events, conferences or keynotes speeches. His talks are an explosion of entertainment and information. Frieder Gamm manages to practically convey his years of experience in the purchasing and sales department at Porsche AG, which will be profitable in business and personal negotiations. As a speaker, he has inspired over 120,000 audience members from different companies and industries. Audiences of his lectures are captivated by his extremely entertaining and hands-on style of multimedia presentation style. For each participant, the presentations provide valuable, immediately actionable ideas, inspiration, information and motivation for their professional and private lives.


Winners negotiate! What you can learn from Mohammed Ali Based on the historic battle between Mohammad Ali and George Foreman, Frieder Gamm motivates and excites to show how you can win all professional and private negotiations using the right attitude, successful strategies and permissible tricks. Learn the secrets of successful negotiations connected with a big dose of optimism!  Prevail successfully – Verona Feldbusch vs. Alice Schwarzer! Who wouldÂ’ve bet one cent on Verona in her legendary duel against Alice? With wit, excellent preparation and the right attitude she took on the “monopolist of emancipation”. How did it end? YouÂ’ll find out in this highly entertaining and very insightful presentation. Be prepared! YouÂ’ll profit in business and private life. Using the legendary word-duel between the two ladies, Frieder Gamm shows you how to keep the upper hand even in seemingly hopeless situations and emerge as a winner in his inimitable, entertaining and simultaneously perceptive way. “What makes you tick?” What salespeople always wanted to know about their customers              but never dared to ask This is the question Frieder Gamm deals with in his extremely lively presentation. Questions salespeople would never directly ask their customers. “Is this really the final price?” “Are there alternatives to this purchase?” “Is price the only thing that matters?” These typical questions get answered in this exciting presentation.



ParticipantsÂ’ comments: “Frieder Gamm: a unique combination of expert knowledge and entertainment.” Rolf Schäfer, Daimler AG “The presentation by Frieder Gamm: a must for all negotiators!” Lothar Fuhr, Director of Lufthansa Technical Training “Mr. Gamm has inspired us with his lectures and thus contributed significantly to the success of our events.” Jörg Disselborg, Managing Director Obstbau Professional Group “Profound, thrilling and very enlightening – Mr. GammÂ’s lectures touched me and really made me think.” Daniela Mink, Business Club Stuttgart References: Adidas, Amazon, American Express, Audi, AXA Winterthur, Axel Springer, Bayer, Bentley, Best Western, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bosch, Credit Suisse, Daimler, Porsche, Siemens, Vodafone Frieder Gamm is a member of the advisory board and author in the Club 55 of European Marketing and Sales Experts.




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