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M.A. Gabriel Schandl is a performance researcher, book author, speaker and dedicated business coach. He studied economics in Linz and Siena. Born in Salzburg, he was awarded the Constantinus category winner in the field of management consulting by the Economic Chamber. Furthermore, the US-American "National Speakers Association" awarded him the title "CSP" (Certified Speaking Professional) as one of the few German-speaking speakers. He was recommended as one of the 100 best social skills providers in a survey of managers and HR managers by the trade magazine "Gewinn". Gabriel Schandl was successful in sales and brings this experience into his practical presentations and seminars. He knows how to inspire participants with his humorous, inspiring and charming way of conveying Knowledge of Success, true to his motto "Love what you do". In 2017 he was awarded the CMC (Certified Management Consultant).


Performance Pressure to Performance Happiness - How to Motivate Yourself and Your Employees

  • Finally Monday! - The power of attitude
  • No more complaining! - How to think in solutions, master problems and reach goals
  • From a free-spirited attitude to best performance: How to use talents


Performance Happiness in Service - Real Beats Digital... if you know how.

  • Customer enthusiasm that works. No more boredom!
  • From Know-How to Know-Wow: The Power of Amazement
  • ROPO (Research Online-Purchase Offline): How to make sure customers buy from you

Successful as a team: those who work alone add, those who work together multiply

  • Avoiding demotivation in a targeted manner - Success factors of a top team
  • From leadership-frustration to leadership-pleasure: The 3 most important tasks of managers
  • The sense and nonsense of motivation


Gabriel Schandl scored prime resonance with his lectures.
Salzburger Nachrichten

Schandl himself is a highly booked speaker and lecturer. In each of his areas of specialty, one of his top priorities is: Provide benefits.

Gabriel Schandl cast a long spell on his audience.
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

Gabriel Schandl belongs to one of the most outstanding personalities on the coaching scene.
Dr. Ernst Balla, Corporate Human Resources, voestalpine AG

In my role as TEDx Ambassador, I meet up to 100 speakers per year on their way to the stage. Working with Gabriel is an absolute pleasure, even though he could make any coach unemployed.
Dr. Niki Ernst Ambassadornst, TEDx 

"My colleagues were enthusiastic about your way of presenting truths, opening possibilities and very much about your positive charisma. Just today, Mr. Ju. said that the 'Schandl' was really super. The employees' quote: 'The best so far' For me personally, I can only confirm the compliments of my colleagues and I am glad that I was allowed to get to know you!"
Walter Schörghofer, District Director, Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG

"Pointed and concise - to the point. Gabriel Schandl manages to speak perfectly from the 'sewing box'. All colleagues were captivated from the first minute and enjoyed the sympathetic suggestions. THANK YOU again for your great company and entertainment."
Mag. Nicole Hüttner, MBA, Executive Officer, Sparkasse Upper Austria


CSP Certified Speaking Professional
Business magazine "Gewinn
Systemcert Certification GmbH
WKO - Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Change Award
Constantinus Category Award
Top 100 Success Coaches (Magazine ERFOLG)
CMC (Certified Management Consultant)




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