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Ms. Kai Simone Nellinger, Head of Communication and PR at Integrata AG, describes Gabriele Horcher's keynote as "highly innovative and insightful." "For me, Gabriele is the female counterpart to futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky for the future of communication."
Gabriele Horcher is a communication scientist, keynote and transformational speaker. She is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and one of the most sought-after experts on trends and the future of communication. She teaches as a lecturer at various universities of applied sciences and Educational Institutions. She supports CEOs, marketing, HR, sales and service managers in communicating with their target groups in a future-proof way.


Future Code: Communication

Depending on which target groups/stakeholders your participants communicate with most, I develop specific future scenarios together with your guests in my impulse speech. I give an overview of the trends and the future of hybrid communication: adequate technologies, channels, worlds as well as strategies and topics.

In order to show the participants not only the opportunities and challenges of digital communication, I conclude by addressing how women/men can maintain their readiness for change throughout their lives with a future mindset.

Depending on how many participants you expect, they will be given an anti stress brain. In addition, participants who want to delve deeper into the topic afterwards can request a transcript of the keynote with the specific future scenarios as well as links to examples from my digital assistant "Gabi" free of charge.


(Online) Workshop "Future Code: Communication"

(Online) Workshop "Sustainable Communication

(Online) Workshop "Sales Strategies"

Future Hub: Communication


ai@media, BIEG Hessen, BiTS - Business and Information Technology School, BVMW - Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft, CDH - Wirtschaftsverband für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb, Consulto - Recht, Wirtschaft, Steuern, Convento, Deutsche Messe AG, DiMitEx, DIGITAL FUTUREcongress Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation, GCB German Convention Bureau, HA Hessen Agentur, Hannover Messe "WomenPower Kongress", Haufe-Lexware, Hochschule Aalen - Technik und Wirtschaft, Hochschule Mittweida, IHK Frankfurt, IHK Gießen, IHK Offenbach, JustRelate Deutschland, KuppingerCole Analysts AG, Kongress Media, Lisabon Tourism Summit, Macromedia - Campus Köln, InnovationsPlattform der Mainova AG, Management Forum Starnberg, Mastersolution AG, Neue Deutsche Kongress, Publicis Media, Quadriga Media, RKW Hessen, SC-Networks, SMILE Communication, Spectaris - German Industry Association for Optics, Photonics, Analytical and Medical Technology, Strategy Alliance, Swiss CRM Institute, trendCOM Festival, Westfalenhallen Dortmund

"Many thanks for the exciting speech!" Laura K.

"Best thanks for your stimulating and entertaining presentation. I enjoyed it very much." Peter T.

"Thank you very much for the interesting lecture on AI." Corinna M.

"Your lecture was brilliant!" Mathias B.

"Thank you very much for the captivating presentation." Andreas H.

Communication scientist Gabriele Horcher moderated the "AI Marketing Day" and also opened the program with her keynote AI - (R)Evolution in Sales and Marketing. 
Leadersnet -Austria's largest business portal

"...It was really great and a lot of fun. And it was super well organized by you. 5 out of 5 stars + super star." 
Prof. Wolfgang H.

"A very big THANK YOU to you for this great online workshop. You really did a super job here. I was particularly impressed by the organization, implementation, preparation and follow-up. As already communicated in the verbal feedback, I was also able to take away 3 really good tips." Marc W.

"The intensive online course has given me many important impulses on how to optimally respond to the needs of the participants and plan a sensible time structure. Ms. Horcher responds intensively to her participants and has appropriate tips for marketing and "that certain something" for an online event and the associated communication at the ready. The documents also help me to optimally prepare my moderation. Many thanks for this!" Susanne S.


AI Masters, Berlin: "AI - overcoming and setting limits". 
Digital:Relaunch, Berlin: "AI in sales and marketing - overcoming and setting boundaries".
DJV Fachkongress Brückenschlag, Berlin: "AI in Corporate Communications". 
SPECTARIS Spring Conference, Duisburg: "AI - (R)Evolution in Communication" 
Creative Industries Day, Frankfurt: "AI - (R)Evolution in Communication"
PROKOM Data Days, Düsseldorf: "PIM - Future technology for AI communication in sales and marketing"
Vertriebsmanagementkongress, Berlin: "AI in sales and marketing - overcoming and setting boundaries"  
Swiss CRM Forum, Zurich: "AI in Marketing, Communication, Sales & Service - Overcoming and Setting Boundaries"
Digitalization in Sales, Munich: "New Opportunities in Sales through the Use of Artificial Intelligence" 
Transfer Day at Aalen University: "Artificial Intelligence in Sales and Marketing - Overcoming and Setting Boundaries".


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