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Gabriele KOERNER is a communications trainer and managing director of her own consultancy for conscious communication. The business management graduate and certified systemic trainer gained her experience from years in the banking sector and as a representative of the insurance industry and was active as an opinion maker and project manager in international committees and specialist groups at a young age before becoming self-employed in 2008. As a trainer and coach, Gabriele KOERNER advises on BODY LANGUAGE, PERSONALITY and BEHAVIOUR in connection with various current communication topics, well-known corporate clients and public-law institutions. Since 2000, she has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Council for the Security & Safety Management course at Danube University Krems and is committed to social interaction between personality, technical development, and cross generational communication in companies.


Onboarding: the right induction Counts
  • How to score with the right key factors from the first day of work!
  • How to prepare the right structure for your entry and find the "key" to the people in the new company through conscious communication!
  • How to dazzle your new audience and define them as your new customers!

Employer branding: attractive and future-oriented!
  • Fit for the future. Corporate identity – how can employee positioning be attractive and timely?
  • How do I make my employer brand attractive to different target groups and how can communication between the different generations be designed so it's effective, both in-house and externally?
  • Employee personality and brand personality – a meaningful approach for targeted, conscious strategic communication as an attractive employer!

Best agers: Company "GOLD"!?
  • Why BEST AGERS can be the best employees for your firm and what sets them apart from other employees, besides years of life.
  • Experiences and everything else that "glitters". How to design generations and the future with senior internships, buddies, mentors and coaches.
  • The TREASURE of life and the WISDOM of experience. Personal life stories as a potential for an outstanding corporate identity.


"In our view, the seminar goals were achieved. The preparation of the participants in individual discussions proved to be an efficient instrument and the findings gained formed an excellent basis for the subsequent joint discussions of the topics. In a large circle, key participant characteristics could be observed well and discussed. Likewise, the identifiable potentials for our future planning were informative. We would sincerely like to thank you again for your professional preparation and processing."
Construction Group Department Manager "Because my team is made up of very strong personalities with individual traits who work together, and even come from different companies, where one company merged into the other, the challenge of forming a team was formiddable. However, you have succeeded in mastering this challenge, especially as you've managed to increase employees' awareness of the basic issues of communication in the team and team spirit."
Authorised Signatory and Team Leader, Insurance Group


  • DALAI LAMA / Laurens van den MUYZENBERG: Führen, gestalten, bewegen; Campus 2008; and his visit to the SOS Children's Village of Hinterbrühl /NÖ; Dieter BALKHAUSEN / Alfred HERRHAUSEN: MACHT. POLITIK. MORAL. ECON 1990/1992; Herrhausen was one of my first bosses at Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
  • Steve JOBS: "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do."


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Mikro wird nur benötigt bei einer Gruppengröße von 20 Personen
- Stick
- vorbereitete Flipcharts (leere müssen beigestellt werden)
- vorbereitetes Themenmaterial
- innerhalb Österreichs eigener Moderationskoffer
- Wasser mit Kohlensäure
- Filzstifte: grün, schwarz, rot, blau -- mittel
- 16:9

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