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Gerriet Danz has been one of the recognized experts for innovation and creativity in more than two decades. The lectures of the passionate innovator, multiple start-up founder and bestselling author (e.g. Randomhouse) are as inspiring and unusual as the mix of his experiences. Initially he worked as creative director of the international advertising agency BBDO and supported global players in the development of innovations. Career number two leads to television: Gerriet Danz developed new TV formats and himself moderated the show classic "JEOPARDY". In his motivating, humorous and practical keynotes, he conveys how companies create a perfect climate of innovation and overcome barriers to creativity. German magazine "Der SPIEGEL" asked him, "... what really matters." Gerriet Danz is a lecturer at Management School St. Gallen, advises among others the European Patent Office The Hague, is a member of the Global Speakers Federation Toronto and is a winner of the CONGA Award in the category "Speakers & Trainers".


Expedition Innovation!

On the road in Silicon Valley - the success codes of rule breakers!

An inspiring business travelogue: Gerriet Danz explored the success strategies of international innovation leaders in Silicon Valley and China. What can medium-sized companies learn from Apple, Google & Co. How do corporations profit from the wild

Ideas of lightning-fast start-ups? Find out why gaining a credit in California is easy as a failed entrepreneur. And why so many world successes start with a "No!"

Utopia makes sales!

Thinking the impossible to create the possible.

If you have visions, you have to see a doctor - used to say former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Those who have no visions today must go straight to the undertaker: "Innovate or die" is the motto. Gerriet Danz shows in his lecture why business models must be regularly questioned, why radical spinning around is a must - and presents international examples of how utopias become turnover.

Silicon China. Create, don't copy!

China used to copy us mercilessly. But now the Middle Kingdom is turning us into mediocrity - with grandiose innovations in artificial intelligence, electromobility and the like. What to do? Copying back? Nobody wants that politically. What can local SMEs and corporations learn from Chinese companies? Gerriet Danz takes you on a journey through the new People's Republic of Ideas and explains how we too remain the “land of smiles” when it comes to innovation.


"One of the best in his field!" Computerweek

"Hailing Ideas..." GQ

"...unorthodox approach." LEADERSHIP

"Gerriet Danz ignites brand turbo!" TLZ

"With umbrella, charm and method." EVENT

"Gerriet Danz's methods work!" DUB entrepreneurial magazine

"Knows how to stand out from the crowd: Gerriet Danz..." NWZ

Customers and others:

Beiersdorf AG, BMW AG, CHANEL, DAIMLER, Commerzbank, DELL, Fresenius, Wella, KYOCERA, Microsoft, MAN, Nestlé AG, OLYMPUS, ProSieben, Sat. 1, SCHOTT AG, IBM, McDonald's, SIEMENS, Philips, Adobe


"Your keynote was brilliant, great response from the teams. Keep in touch!" Nikolaus Huber, Managing Director UNILEVER Austria

"Thank you for an exciting evening and wonderful suggestions!" Birgit Opitz, German Post AG

"I especially enjoyed the lecture by Gerriet Danz." Stephan Fuchs, Adobe Create Now

"It was a lot of fun, very inspiring - for the whole team. The response was very positive!" Steffen Lucas, DAIMLER AG

"Thanks for the ultra-cool lecture!" Jörg Tölzel, BRANDAD Systems AG


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