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As an independent mobility expert, Hans-Peter Kleebinder supports brands and people to progress towards to a more sustainable, safer and healthier future. He provides answers to the question of how we will live in the future and how we will move ourselves, goods and data from A to B. After more than 20 years of managerial responsibility in sales and marketing at BMW, MINI and Audi, he passes on his knowledge and experience as a speaker, moderator and future scout. Hans-Peter Kleebinder, who holds a doctorate in economics, inspires and convinces entrepreneurs, executives and decision-makers in business, politics and society with substance, expertise and concrete recommendations for implementation. He joined the BMW 'Mobility Strategy Project Company' in 1993 and developed the BMW Group Future Workshop in 1996. From 2001 onwards, he supported MINI as Head of Marketing and Sales and as the person in charge of the German market. In 2013, in his role as Chief Marketing Officer, he ensured that Audi took the lead on the German premium market.


SMART Mobility: sustainable – networked – autonomous

SMART Data: intelligent – efficient – safe

SMART Cities: green – digital – networked


  • The mobility plan for our future: ZERO emissions. ZERO accidents. ZERO property.
  • How is digitalisation revolutionising the global mobility industry? Which old and which new players are getting their act together?
  • How can the mobility of people, goods and data become smarter, safer and more sustainable?
  • WHO & WHAT is driving the global mobility revolution?
  • SMART Mobility Management driven by SMART Data & SMART Cities.
  • How will we live in the future? Which technologies will become important? How do we get from A to B??


Hans-Peter Kleebinder is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of WhatzLife GmbH. The edutech start-up is revolutionising education with the principle “appetite to learn”.


With the innovative methodology developed by Professor Hansjörg Zimmermann and himself, Hans-Peter Kleebinder involves his audience in his talks and moderations in a playful, entertaining and interactive way.



Commitments, amongst others:


  • Head of Studies 'SMART Mobility Management driven by SMART Data & SMART Cities', University of St Gallen
  • Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Association for eMobility
  • Network partner of the think tank Council4 GmbH, Vienna


Clients, among others:

Innovation and Technology, Autonomous Vehicle World Congress (Conference Chairman, Shanghai), German-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Digital Heroes Festival Stuttgart, DLD Munich, Formula E Zurich, 4th and 5th Global Digital Marketing Summit Shanghai, IHK Innovation Day Bamberg, NIO, Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, PATRIZIA AG, PCK Petroleum Refinery, Salon Z @Cafe Landtmann Vienna, University of St Gallen (lecturer), MD Friction, Association of German Magazines Publishers


References, among others:

“As 'Mr MINI Germany', he was instrumental in the success of the cult British brand here. He also set important priorities for BMW and Audi.” Horizont, German Media Conference 2019, Frankfurt


 “I know and value Hans-Peter as an independent expert for the future of our mobility who, as a pioneer and doer, has set important impulses in the German automotive industry.” Kurt Sigl, President Federal Association for eMobility, Berlin


 “You can benefit greatly from his practical experience and his ability to inspire people. Anyone who needs answers to the question of what will move us and the next generations in the future has come to the right person.” Christian Böllhoff, CEO & Partner PROGNOS AG, Berlin




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