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Harald Psaridis is an entrepreneur and trainer of sales leadership experts. He acquired his expert know-how during his 25 years of experience in sales management for several well-known financial service providers. Influenced by his passion for sales development, he has conducted more than 10,000 interviews and selected exactly those people for his team who were suitable and led to sustainable top results. In his seminars, coaching sessions and lectures, he knows how to use his practical knowledge and experience to inspire and develop the participants. He is a man from the practice for the practice, who inspires and motivates sales people and
executives with his motto "Leading by example".


Frontline leadership –
leading and managing by example

  • How to define your vision, agree on goals and implement them
    in a fast and binding way with your team
  • How to lead your employees, inspire them, motivate them and
    create team spirit through your exemplary performance
  • How to tackle the daily challenges of sales, master them and
    significantly increase your sales success

Talk is silver. Action is gold:

  • The ability to lead oneself in a results-oriented way is the key
    skill for success in your professional and private life.
  • Learn 12 workouts you can use to train your implementation
    skills like a muscle.
  • Discover how to activate your willpower, self-discipline and
    perseverance at any time, turning your plans into results.

Sales leadership – how to attract the best sellers ONLINE
& OFFLINE and turn them into high performers

  • How to find and attract the right employees for your company
  • How to properly train, instruct and guide your newly hired sales
  • How to develop career perspectives with your employees, develop
    and promote them and create added value for everyone


"When Harald Psaridis talks about leadership and trains employees, you can feel his passion for the subject, his experience at all leadership levels and his personal success, especially in motivation, recruitment and sales. He's a man of practice."
Josef Paul Puntigam, Retired Brigadier of the Austrian Army
"I got to know Mr Psaridis as an absolute motivator. He knows what he's talking about. His way of conveying content is incomparable. I can wholly recommend Mr Psaridis as a trainer, speaker and coach. You won't find any better in Austria.  Robert Simak, Erste Bank Österreich
"From the very beginning, his enthusiasm and his winning personality captivated me. With Harald Psaridis, one feels in every word he says that he himself has already tested and done what he talks about a thousand times before. He's the absolutely authentic top-notch speaker!"
Christoph Bärfuss, Zurich Insurance Group


People, books and events that inspire me:
"In 1993, I was a young entrepreneur in Brussels and was invited to attend a Tony Robbins seminar. 
After four incredible days with more than 7,000 people, I knew that, one day, I would also like to stand on a stage and talk to so many people, to touch their hearts and impart know-how to them." 



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